BD #405291 - Epilor Syringe Plast Lor 7CC 50/CS

BD #405291 - Epilor Syringe Plast Lor 7CC 50/CS
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Product Description

BD 405291 - Epilor Syringe Plast Lor 7CC 50/CS

The BD Epilor Plastic Loss of Resistance (LOR) Syringe
Designed to help achieve greater success in detecting the epidural space.

405291 - 7 mL BD Epilor Luer-Lok LOR Plastic Syringe

The BD Epilor plastic loss-of-resistance (LOR) syringe features a double-ribbed stopper designed to prevent leakage during aspiration. The BD Elipor Plastic Loss of Resistance Syringe is designed for consistent smooth plunger rod movement that prevents false sensation of loss of resistance. Other key performance features include.

  • A double ridge syringe stopper assembly that provides a secure seal to the syringe barrel, allowing both aspiration and injection of air and/or saline.
  • A positive plunger rod stop to prevent accidental disassembly.

Optimized stopper design and stopper material:

Aids in improving sensitivity and reduces the chances of air or saline from leaking around the stopper which can lead to false detection of the loss of resistance (LOR).

Stabilized plunger rod design and a positive plunger rod stop:

Provide stability and prevent "plunger wobble" that could cause leaking around the stopper and hinder detecting loss of resistance.

Other important features include:

Latex Free construction, enhanced graphics and a clear barrel, textured plunger rod and thumb pad resulting in an ergonomic design for ease of use.

Convenient Size

The BD Epilor plastic LOR syringe is available in a convenient single 7ml size.

Key Product Features

CE MarkProduct is CE-marked
ParenteralParenteral product
Syringe Tip OrientationConcentric
Syringe Tip SizeUnknown
Syringe Tip TypeBD Luer-Lok
Syringe Scale1 mL graduations
Total Shelf Life1825
SterileSterilized product
Volumetric Accuracy+/- 5% *for 1ml or smaller,accuracy below 0.2ml is+/- 0.07ml
Sterilization MethodEO
BPA FreeNot made with BPA
DEHP FreeNot made with DEHP
Latex StatementNot made with natural rubber latex
PVC FreeNot made with PVC
DisposableDisposable product
Single UseProduct is for single use only

Product Packaging Information

Packaging LevelShelfpackCaseEach
Length169.0 mm293.0 mm
Width58.0 mm175.0 mm
Height143.0 mm150.0 mm
Weight214.4 g1.072 kg21.44 g