Con-Med #60-0300-501 - Hand-Trol Electro Surg Pencil Sterile 25/BX

Con-Med #60-0300-501 - Hand-Trol Electro Surg Pencil Sterile 25/BX
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Product Description

Con-Med Part #60-0300-501 - Hand-Trol Electro Surg Pencil Sterile 25/BX

If you like a selection, you'll appreciate ConMed's line of dispersive electrodes. ConMed offers three brands of dual- and single-foil dispersive electrodes to suit a multitude of patients, technologies, and budgets. ConMed offers specialty lines that feature thicker adhesive gels and softer fabrics for specific patient groups, as well as the nearly one-size-fits-all line, SureFit™, that allows for product standardization for patients over 2.2 kg. Be sure to look for dispersive electrodes that feature ConMed's Automatic Return Monitoring (ARM®), which continuously monitors the impedance at the patient-to-dispersive electrode interface and will disarm the ESU and alert the surgical staff if an unsafe condition exists.