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See a huge selection of DeRoyal medical products and supplies at CIA Medical.

DeRoyal Products

DeRoyal Industries, Inc. is one of the top medical manufacturers in the healthcare industry. DeRoyal was founded in 1973 when Autry O.V. DeBusk created and patented an orthopedic cast boot to replace the cumbersome and often dirty plaster casts used before this product was developed. Over time, the company has expanded its operations to encompass an extensive range of orthopedic, infusion and personal protective equipment for the medical industry. CIA Medical makes it easy to obtain DeRoyal products quickly and affordably to ensure that your staff members have the tools they need to serve patients in your medical facility.

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DeRoyal Products Available from CIA Medical

At CIA Medical, we carry an extensive selection of DeRoyal products designed to help your facility manage all your medical supply requirements more efficiently and affordably.

  • Shields: DeRoyal shields offer solid protection for your staff members when dealing with patients in the hospital or clinical setting. CIA Medical offers an array of DeRoyal shields that are ideally suited to your needs and your facility budget.
  • Braces: DeRoyal braces are designed to support patients with weakened joints or fractured bones. At CIA Medical, we can provide a range of DeRoyal braces that will suit the needs of your facility and your patients perfectly.
  • Collars: DeRoyal collars can be used for patients who have injuries to their neck or spine. By choosing DeRoyal collars from CIA Medical, you can ensure the best support and protection for patients at your facilities after an injury has occurred.
  • Splints: Splints are typically used to provide added support for broken bones. DeRoyal splints are accepted throughout the healthcare industry as superior options for protecting and supporting injured arms and legs. CIA Medical can help your facility to find the right DeRoyal splints to suit the needs of patients in your healthcare facility and to promote the highest degree of productivity for your medical team.
  • Boots: Boots are recommended for injuries that affect the ankles, feet or lower legs. DeRoyal boots are designed to provide the perfect fit and to promote improved mobility for your patients. CIA Medical offers DeRoyal boots in an array of sizes and configurations to accommodate most patients.
  • Tubing: DeRoyal tubing sets are used in a variety of ways in the healthcare setting. Low-pressure tubing is typically recommended for CT and MRI procedures, for example. The DeRoyal tubing solutions available from CIA Medical are ideally suited for clinical and hospital use on behalf of your patients.
  • Supports: Activewrap thermal supports are the most popular line of DeRoyal supports. CIA Medical can provide you with an extensive selection of DeRoyal supports for knees, elbows and other joints. These medical products can help patients stay more mobile after an injury or strain.
  • Dressings: DeRoyal dressings are designed for wound and burn care. The DeRoyal dressings available from CIA Medical include Covaderm, Xeroform, Sofsorb, Polyderm and multipad dressings. By working with us, you can access the precise products you need to provide outstanding care for your patients.
  • Scalpels: Disposable scalpels from DeRoyal offer added affordability combined with the convenience of disposable items. At CIA Medical, we offer disposable and durable DeRoyal scalpels designed to suit your facility's needs.
  • Restraints: Patients on the operating table typically require restraints to prevent movements or falls that could endanger their health. CIA Medical offers a full lineup of DeRoyal restraints to help your facility protect patients better.
  • Probes: General purpose temperature probes from DeRoyal are an easy and convenient way to monitor patient temperatures in the clinical setting. CIA Medical can deliver the right probe solutions for your facility.
  • Belts: DeRoyal belts are available in heavy-duty and self-releasing configurations for wheelchairs and other applications. These belts can provide added security for patients and can reduce the risk of falls in the clinical environment. CIA Medical can provide DeRoyal belts to provide the best protection possible for patients in the hospital or skilled nursing care environment.
  • Dental products: Dental rolls and supplies are a popular product line from the company. CIA Medical can provide you with the dental supplies your facility needs to manage its ongoing medical and dental activities.
  • Gloves: With the acquisition of Saf-T-Glove, DeRoyal has secured its position as an undisputed market leader in sterile and surgical gloves for the medical marketplace. CIA Medical is proud to offer these gloves to our customers.
  • Catheters: Foley catheter kits are designed to allow urine to pass safely and discreetly from the patient's bladder to a holding bag or other container. At CIA Medical, we offer a curated lineup of DeRoyal catheters designed with the needs of your patients in mind.
  • IV bags: Intravenous or IV bags are available in unfilled and filled configurations from DeRoyal. CIA Medical carries a lineup of DeRoyal IV bags ideally suited to your needs.
  • Infection control products: DeRoyal infection control products from CIA Medical include wound dressing gels, wound fillers and other products designed to reduce the risk of infection for patients in your facility.
  • Respiratory products: DeRoyal respiratory products include stethoscopes and sensors designed for medical applications. At CIA Medical, we offer your facility access to the DeRoyal respiratory products your patients need to enjoy better health.
  • Sutures: DeRoyal sutures are designed to provide added help in managing patient health after surgeries or other procedures. CIA Medical can provide an array of suture options to suit your needs.
  • Syringes and needles: DeRoyal syringes are available in several different types to suit the needs of patients at your facility. These syringes and needles are designed to provide your staff members with the correct tool for a wide range of therapeutic situations.
  • Personal protective equipment: DeRoyal recently participated in ramping up the production of isolation gowns for hospital staff. CIA Medical offers a full lineup of DeRoyal PPE options for your hospital or clinic.
  • Protectors: DeRoyal protectors are available to cushion heels, ankles, elbows and other joints against injury. CIA Medical can provide your facility with protectors to suit the needs of your patients.

How to Contact DeRoyal

The corporate headquarters of DeRoyal Industries, Inc. is located at 200 DeBusk Lane, Powell, Tennessee. You can reach the company by calling 1-888-938-7828 toll-free. You can also make contact online by filling out the company's contact form.

Why Choose CIA Medical?

At CIA Medical, we work with hospitals and other facilities to provide access to more than 6,000 DeRoyal products and more than 500,000 products overall. We offer fast turnaround on quotes, competitive pricing and the ability to special order the items you need most. Give us a call today at 312-275-5850 or visit us online to create an account with us. We look forward to the chance to serve you.