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What Are Glove Dispensers?

It’s very common for medical personnel, lab workers, pharmacy staff, and other individuals involved in the fields of healthcare and research to wear gloves of some kind, such as examination gloves, nitrile gloves, surgical gloves, chemo gloves, and so on. Glove dispensers are the containers used to store and dispense these kinds of gloves.

As the name suggests, a glove dispenser is simply a container that stores gloves, with an open hole on one side that allows someone to pull out the top pair of gloves and put them on without interfering with the  other pairs underneath. 

These items are relatively simple accessories, but play an important role in providing surgeons, nurses, doctors, and lab assistants with gloves for their own protection and the safety of their patients. They may be used to store and dispense a wide variety of different gloves, including dental gloves and orthopedic gloves, and they come in different types and sizes.

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When to Use Glove Dispensers?

Glove dispensers can be found in many healthcare locations around the world, such as clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. They’re also often seen in labs and research departments, or anywhere else where gloves may be needed.

Glove Dispenser Sizes 

Glove dispensers may vary in size, as some of them have multiple holes and distribute more than one pair of gloves at a time. They can also be used with gloves of different sizes, from extra small gloves to medium and large gloves.

Glove Dispenser Types

Glove dispensers are relatively simple items and all work in the same way, allowing the user to simply grab the top pair of gloves from a pile and put them on easily and conveniently. However, it is possible to divide glove dispensers into different types, based on their size and design. There are singular glove dispensers, for example, which have just one hole and distribute one set of gloves at a time. There are also double, triple, and even quad glove dispensers which have multiple holes and can distribute different types, sizes, and thicknesses of gloves simultaneously.

Glove Dispenser Uses

The primary function of glove dispensers is simply to store gloves, such as examination gloves or surgical gloves, in a safe and secure place. Glove dispensers can store many pairs of gloves at once, making it easy to transport gloves around a healthcare location or other environment with ease. They also help to shield the gloves against bacteria and dirt, as well as making it easy for anyone to pull out a pair of gloves without interacting with the pairs beneath.

Glove Dispenser Suppliers

Bowman Medical Products, Kerr Total Care, Covidien, and PSC Solutions are some of the top suppliers of glove dispensers.

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