Infusion Pumps: Pump Up the Party

What is an infusion pump? An infusion pump is a medical device that delivers nutrients and medications in the form of fluids into a patient’s body in...
Infusion Pumps

Electronic Stethoscopes: I Heart Them

The Stethoscope Before the stethoscope, understanding the inner workings of the human body meant physically going inside. If you have ever experienced...
Electronic Stethoscopes

Anesthesia Circuits: The Circle of Life

Anesthesia Circuits Ah, breathing: the gift our bodies give that keeps on giving. It is the act that keeps us going and an act that can be classified as...
Anesthesia Circuits

Welcome Blog

Welcome Hello there, and welcome to the blog of CIA Medical, a one-stop guide to medical and healthcare products, tools, well-being and more. This blog will […]