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See our collection of Polysyn sutures below. Order online, call (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is a Polysyn Suture?

Polysyn sutures are a specific kind of medical suture. They're made from polyglycolic acid, which is also used in various other forms of surgical sutures, like Dexon sutures. And, like other medical sutures, Polysyn sutures are used in various medical processes to hold bodily tissues together and stitch up wounds or incisions after accidents and surgery.

Polysyn sutures are classed as synthetic sutures, rather than natural ones, as they are made from synthetic materials. They also fall into the category of absorbable sutures, which means that they can be absorbed into the body naturally over time, without leaving any trace behind. This makes them very convenient to work with.

In terms of features and advantages, Polysyn sutures also stand out due to their smoothness and low levels of friction, making them very easy to work with. They also have good levels of strength and solidity through the early wound healing period.

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When to Use a Polysyn Suture?

It's always important to use the right type of surgical suture for each situation, and Polysyn sutures are a good choice for various medical situations. These types of surgical sutures are most commonly used for holding together and sealing sections of bodily tissue at a subcutaneous level. Their absorbable nature makes them useful to use subcutaneously, and they’re favored by many surgeons due to their strength and handling.

Polysyn Suture Sizes 

Like other kinds of medical sutures, it's possible to find Polysyn sutures in a wide range of sizes. They're usually measured according to the USP system, with average sizes ranging from the narrow 6-0 up to the slightly thicker 3-0.

Polysyn Suture Types

Polysyn sutures are a particular variety of medical suture. They may be made by various brands but are almost always identical in their materials and structure. However, it is possible to find two main types of Polysyn sutures: undyed and dyed. Undyed Polysyn sutures have a natural color, while dyed Polysyn sutures are dyed purple to aid with visibility and make them easier to see on scans of the body.

Polysyn Suture Uses

There are various ways in which Polysyn sutures may be used for stitching up wounds and sealing sections of bodily tissue. Polysyn sutures are mainly suited for use at a subcutaneous level, below the surface of the skin. They’re effective at stitching up parts of tissue after an operation, for example, and since they’re absorbable, they can dissolve naturally over time inside the body without the need for any more interventions.

Polysyn Suture Suppliers

Some of the top suppliers of Polysyn sutures include Look/Div Surgical, Ethicon, and Surgical Specialties.

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