Smiths Medical #L-70NI - Blood and I.V. Fluid Warming Set without Injection Port (LATEX FREE), 30/CS

Smiths Medical #L-70NI - Blood and I.V. Fluid Warming Set without Injection Port (LATEX FREE), 30/CS
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Product Description

Smiths Medical Part #L-70NI - Blood and I.V. Fluid Warming Set without Injection Port (LATEX FREE), 30/CS

The Smiths Medical Solution

For routine flow fluid warming, choose the brand more hospitals trust: HOTLINE Blood and Fluid Warmer, only from Smiths Medical ASD, a worldwide leader in Temperature Management Solutions . Smiths Medical is a leading supplier of medical devices used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care recovery, and in a series of high-end home infusion therapies. We are focusing on developing technologies that offer both clinical and economic advantages to our healthcare providers and patients. Please let us know how we can help you.

Blood & Fluid Warming Systems (Level 1) HOTLINE Disposable Administration Sets.

HOTLINE Blood and Fluid Warmers are proven in millions of surgeries as providing superior performance, resulting in warmer patients. Smiths Medical offers a full line of disposable administration sets and accessories for use with HOTLINE Blood and Fluid Warmers.

L-70 NI Disposable Warming Set

  • 2.4m (8ft) length.
  • Sterile fluid path.
  • 20ml priming volume.
  • Flow rate 50-5000ml/hr.
  • Swivel luer patient connection.
  • 30/case.

HOTLINE Warmer#1 In Hypothermia Prevention

Even mild hypothermia can put your general anesthesia patients at risk for potentially costly and catastrophic complications, from delayed wound healing to cardiac arrest. That s why more hospitals use HOTLINEBlood and Fluid Warmers than any other routine flow fluid warming system.

HOTLINE Warmers outperform hotplate technologies

To keep your patients warmer and your recovery room less crowded. Your hospital avoids unnecessary complications and enjoys the cost savings of shorter recovery room stays.

Proven In Over 16 Million Surgeries

HOTLINE Warmers are the solution for everyone:

  • Superior performance results in warmer patients.
  • Less maintenance time for nurses and technicians.
  • Lower costs for your hospital.

Warmer Patients

  • Patented triple lumen tubing maintains layer of 42C circulating solution around IV line.
  • Keeps blood and fluids warm between 37 42C.
  • Eliminates patient line cool down.
  • Outperforms hotplate technologies in 91% of all surgical procedures.

Less Maintenance Time

  • A new once-a-year reservoir maintenance protocol versus hotplate warmers, which require maintenance up to 12 times a year.
  • Easily maintains microbe-free environment.