Teleflex #AK-12703 - Arrow-Howes Multi-Lumen Central Venous Catheterization Kit with Blue FlexTip Catheter, 5/CS

Teleflex #AK-12703 - Arrow-Howes Multi-Lumen Central Venous Catheterization Kit with Blue FlexTip Catheter, 5/CS
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Product Description

Teleflex Part #AK-12703 - Arrow-Howes Multi-Lumen Central Venous Catheterization Kit with Blue FlexTip Catheter, 5/CS

Arrow International offers the broadest range of catheters in the industry. We carry more sizes, more lengths, more varied flow rates, and more complete kits and sets for clinicians than any other catheter company. In fact, Arrow pioneered the comprehensive catheter kit. Today, Arrow kits remain the industry standard for design and convenience.

Other exclusive innovations, like our patented ARROWg+ ard antimicrobial surface1 , Blue FlexTip , and the Arrow Raulerson Syringe2 further explain why our catheters are chosen first by countless healthcare professionals worldwide. Above all, we offer products of unsurpassed quality... something you can actually feel every time you place an Arrow catheter.

Around the hospital and around the globe, Arrow continues to be the most trusted name in central venous access. Preferred by millions. Proven by performance. Powered by Innovation.

1. Less intimal damage, irritation and reduces perforation risk

  • Most Arrow catheters feature the Arrow Blue FlexTip, an integral catheter tip which is more pliant than the catheter body. It remains patent yet deflects in case of inadvertent contact with the vessel wall.

2. Excellent indwelling characteristics

  • The flexible thromboresistant polyurethane material softens in situ.

3. Less trauma

  • The Arrow Raulerson Introducer Syringe2 has a hollow plunger/barrel containing a patented valving system. It allows a spring-wire guide to be placed directly through the syringe into the vessel lumen so theres less trauma, less blood exposure risk, and virtually no chance for air embolism.

4. More efficient placements

  • The Arrow Advancer saves you time and money by helping you easily straighten the J-tip of the spring-wire guide and insert it with one hand, advancing it to the proper position with your thumb. Or, if using a simple straightening tube is preferred, the translucent blue straightening tube portion of the Arrow Advancer can be disconnected from the unit and used separately.

5. More accurate placements

  • A centimeter-marked spring-wire guide (.025", .032" and .035" diameters available) lets you know how much wire you have inserted and helps you avoid entering the heart. And catheter centimeter markings aid in determining insertion depth.

6. Dependable and user friendly

  • Clear, integral extension lines with detachable clamps allow you to maintain the catheter away from the insertion site, easily visualize infusates and reduce the risk of air embolism.

7. Helps prevent accidents

  • SharpsAway offers a simple yet effective method for sharps disposal.

8. Improves patient comfort

  • Molded, flexible low-profile junction hubs increase patient comfort and facilitate cleaning.

9. Exceptional convenience

  • Everything needed for a CVC procedure is included in Arrows complete line of standard CVC kits and sets.
  • Helping alleviate patient concerns about comfort and appearance.
  • Can be contoured to each patients body.
  • Pliable lines can be bent into virtually any position while maintaining their patency...unlike preshaped IJ catheters that can be irritating to patients.
  • Remarkable design makes the catheters less conspicuous and patients more comfortable.
  • Malleable extension lines help support dialysis lines, thereby helping to prevent crimping and kinking.

Latex-free components for safety and peace of mind.


  • One: Multi-Lumen Indwelling Catheter: 7 Fr. x 6" (16 cm) Radiopaque Polyurethane with Blue FlexTip, Extension Line Clamps, Injection Site Caps
  • One: Spring-Wire Guide, Marked: .032" (0.81 mm) dia. x 17-3/4" (45 cm) (Straight Soft Tip on One End - "J" Tip on Other) with Arrow Advancer
  • One: Catheter: 18 Ga. x 2-1/2" (6.35 cm) Radiopaque over 20 Ga. RW Introducer Needle
  • One: Pressure Transduction Probe
  • One: Injection Needle: 22 Ga. x 1-1/2" (3.81 cm) and 5 mL Luer-Slip Syringe
  • One: Injection Needle: 25 Ga. x 1" (2.54 cm) and 3 mL Luer-Lock Syringe
  • One: Introducer Needle: 18 Ga. x 2-1/2" (6.35 cm) XTW and 5 mL Arrow Raulerson Spring-Wire Introduction Syringe
  • One: Tissue Dilator
  • One: 3 ml Applicator Pouch, 2% CHG and 70% IPA ChloraPrep1 One-Step Solution with Hi-Lite Orange Tint
  • One: 5 ml Ampule HCl, 1% Lidocaine Solution
  • One: Clamp: Catheter
  • One: Fastener: Catheter Clamp
  • One: SharpsAway II Locking Disposal Cup
  • One: CSR Wrap
  • One: Drape: 24" x 36" with 4" fenestration
  • One: Drape: 41" x 55" with 4" fenestration
  • One: Safety Scalpel: #11
  • Four: Staple Anchoring Devices2
  • Two: Gauze Pad(s): 2" x 2"
  • Five: Gauze Pad(s): 4" x 4"
  • One: Suture: 3-0 Braided Silk with Straight Needle