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Welch-Allyn # 101340 - ABPM 6100 Cuff Sleeve Small Adult Ea
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Product Description

Welch-Allyn 101340 - ABPM 6100 Cuff Sleeve Small Adult Ea

Part #: 101340

Welch Allyn Ambulatory Blood Pressure Cuff; Small Adult (18-27 cm); Reusable Sleeve Style.

Applying the Welch Allyn ABPM 6100 Cuff Illustrated Overview:

Cleaning Instructions:

The cuff may be cleaned with a mild disinfectant spray.


Remove the bladder from the cuff shell for machine washing. Machine wash warm (50 Degree- 140 Degree Fahrenheit or 10 Degree - 60 Degree Celcius). Line dry.

Step 1: Choosing the Cuff Size

Using an incorrect cuff size could result in erroneous and misleading blood pressure measurements.

To determine the correct cuff size for your patient, follow these simple steps:

  • To find the right sized cuff, wrap the cuff around the patient's upper arm without sliding the arm through the sleeve.
  • Use the color-coded RANGE indicator on the inside of the cuff and the bold INDEX marker to check that the arm circumference falls within the cuff range.
  • If the arm is within range, this cuff size is correct for your patient. If the measurement is outside the RANGE indicator, select a new cuff size as indicated by color.

Step 2: Applying the Cuff

  • To apply the Welch Allyn ABPM 6100 cuff, simply slide the sleeve up the patients arm, ensuring the color size indicator is at the top of the cuff. The cuff should be midway between the elbow and shoulder.
  • Be sure the ARTERY indicator is over the patients brachial artery, between the biceps and triceps muscles (see illustration showing left arm placement).
  • Wrap the cuff snugly around the patients upper arm.
  • Take the initial BP reading and ensure hookup is working.

Step 3: Prepare the Patient

Preparing the patient is the most important step in obtaining an accurate, reliable blood pressure measurement.

Review the following instructions with your patient:

  • Avoid excess movement during readings
  • Relax the instrumented hand, slightly away from the body
  • Avoid hand movement
  • Avoid flexing muscles during the reading
  • Do not remove the cuff between readings


Brand:Welch Allyn
Product Number:101340
Application:Blood Pressure Sleeve Cuff
Cuff Size:Small
Fastening Type:Hook and Loop Closure
For Use With:ABPM6100
Size Range:18 - 27 cm

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring 6100 Cuffs

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