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250 ml IV Bags

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. See our list of 250ml IV bags and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is a 250ml IV Bag?

A 250ml IV bag is a piece of medical equipment used for parenteral nutrition and infusion therapy. Connected to an IV line or catheter, 250ml bags are used for providing nutrition, medication, and fluids to patients with a variety of conditions and disorders.

As the name implies, the distinguishing characteristic of 250ml IV bags is the fact that they are able to store up to 250ml of fluids at any one time. There are various fluids that can be stored inside them, from saline or sodium chloride solution to lactated Ringer’s solution and more.

Different fluids and solutions in these IV bags may be needed to treat patients who are having surgery, suffering from chronic diseases, dealing with fever, suffering from dehydration, or afflicted by a wide range of other diseases or disorders. 

250ml IV bags are among the most commonly-used sizes of IV bags in the medical world today.

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How Does a 250ml IV Bag Work?

As with other sizes and varieties of IV bags, 250ml IV bags are first filled up with a certain fluid, such as lactated Ringer’s or saline solution. When they are ready to be used, they will be primed and spiked, attached to an IV line or catheter, and suspended from an IV bag stand. The catheter will also be inserted into the patient, usually via the hand, arm, neck, or chest. The fluid from the 250ml IV bag can then flow at a steady and controlled rate from the IV through into the patient’s blood. 

250ml IV Bag Sizes 

The main feature of 250ml IV bags is that they are always 250ml in size, capable of storing a maximum amount of 250ml of liquid at any one time. There are other sizes of IV bags available, including 50 and 100ml bags, as well as larger varieties like 2,000 and 3,000ml.

250ml IV Bag Types

There are various kinds of 250ml IV bags. They can be empty or prefilled, for example. Empty bags arrive empty and can be filled with any fluid, while prefilled 250ml IV bags already contain the necessary fluids, like saline solution, Ringer’s lactate, dextrose solution, etc. 

250ml IV Bag Uses

250ml IV bags can have a variety of different uses and are primarily utilized for providing nutrients, medicines, and fluids to a patient. It’s common for these bags to contain saline solution, used to provide essential water and electrolytes to patients who are suffering from dehydration. They can also be used for administering essential medications to treat patients with cancer or other diseases, as well as being used during surgery.

250ml IV Bag Suppliers

Some of the top suppliers of 250ml IV bags include B Braun, Metrix-Secure, and Baxter.

Buy Wholesale 250ml IV Bags Online at CIA Medical

CIA Medical offers a huge range of high quality medical supplies, including 250ml IV bags and IV bags in a range of other sizes and styles. You can browse through our selection and place your order with confidence, as CIA Medical is an experienced and trusted provider of wholesale medical equipment at fair, competitive prices.