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CIA Medical Quote

Get fast medical supply quotes and estimates from CIA Medical – Same day

Get a fast CIA Medical quote for surgical, laboratory and medical products across thousands of brands within 2 hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm CT).


  1. Submit your products and any questions via the Get a 2-Hour Quote form.
  2. Once you receive your quote, login to your account to place the order online.
  3. You can also call in and have us place the order over the phone at 312-275-5850 or email the PO to us at web.support@ciamedical.com.
CIA Medical Fast Quote


  • Custom medical quotes for all products from almost every medical brand
  • Fast shipping quotes and lead time estimates
  • Bulk product quotes
  • Volume discounts for one-time and ongoing orders
  • Sourcing on backordered / discontinued items
  • Custom bids for government / military RFPs and RFQs

Bulk Product Quotes Available

CIA Medical offers the ability to provide bulk medical supplies quotations almost instantly. We have proprietary software that can process large product lists and generate current pricing and availability whether you need quotes on 5 SKUs or 5000. Instead of waiting for quotes from other vendors, or multiple vendors, send us your product list in any format, including a spreadsheet, to web.support@ciamedical.com.

Backordered and Hard to Find Items

Healthcare purchasing agents and supply chain managers routinely experience medical supply shortages. Manufacturing issues, the discontinuation of certain products or entire product lines, high demand, and new government regulations all contribute to the lack of availability of medical supplies. When supplies and disposables are backordered, healthcare facilities need an alternative supplier they can depend on to be able to deliver the products they need.

CIA Medical has the expertise, ability, and desire to help healthcare buyers meet the challenges of medical supply shortages. We’ve developed strong relationships with our vendors to be able to offer products that other distributors may not have access to. Our product experts understand the marketplace and are able to anticipate trends to be able to stock up on items that may face shortages.

Coronavirus Medical Supplies and PPE Available

Most recently during the Coronavirus pandemic, N95 face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE), such as nitrile gloves and face shields, became extremely difficult to source. When other websites had out of date information in their catalogs, CIA Medical had cases of boxes of PPE products shipping out of our warehouses daily.

We strive to build advisory relationships with our customers. For facilities who are interested in working with a Sales Executive to purchase scarce supplies, please submit the product information in the Quote form, or email us at web.support@ciamedical.com.

Get fast medical supply quotes and estimates from CIA Medical – Same day