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Echogenic Needles

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. See our list of echogenic needles and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is an Echogenic Needle?

An echogenic needle is a specific needle which can be clearly seen on an ultrasound scan. The word "echogenic" refers to anything that is able to send back an echo, appearing as a light patch or area on an ultrasound scan, which uses sound waves to produce images.

Some needles will not show up on ultrasound scans and do not have echogenic properties, but echogenic needles are specially designed to appear on ultrasound images, and this gives them many benefits and unique applications when compared to other kinds of needles.

Echogenic needles are used in cases where extreme precision is required, like an anesthesia injection or musculoskeletal injection which could cause nerve damage if the needle is positioned in the wrong place. Ultrasound imagery is used in conjunction with the echogenic needle to guide the needle tip into the right position.

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How Does an Echogenic Needle Work?

Echogenic needles work like any other kind of needle; they feature a sharp, thin tip which penetrates the skin, and they can be attached to syringes in order to deliver fluids into the body. The key difference is that these needles contain dimples or bumps along their bodies which reflect sound to produce a very clear ultrasound image to aid with the insertion process.

Echogenic Needle Sizes 

Like other kinds of needles, echogenic needles may vary in length, with longer echogenic needles used to reach deeper into the body for delivery of anesthesia or medications. Some of the most common lengths include 4, 6, and 8". In terms of diameter, or gauge, some of the most common sizes for echogenic needles are between 18 and 21 G.

Echogenic Needle Types

There are multiple types of echogenic needle. One of the most common types is the Quincke-tip echogenic needle, which has a specific shape of tip to offer easy and safe penetration of the skin, usually used for musculoskeletal injections. There are also echogenic needles with slightly different tips and bevels at different angles for other kinds of injections.

Echogenic Needle Uses

There are various potential uses of echogenic needles, and these needles are the best choice for situations in which very precise injections are required or if an injection needs to be carried out which could cause nerve or organ damage if delivered incorrectly. These needles are very commonly used for anesthesia injections to ensure that the anesthesia arrives in the right place. They're also used for musculoskeletal injections of various kinds.

Echogenic Needle Suppliers

Myco Medical Supplies, Hakko, and Professional Sterile Systems are among the leading suppliers of echogenic needles.

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