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Trocar Sleeves

See our collection of trocar sleeves below. Order online, call (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Are Trocar Sleeves?

Trocars are small but important pieces of medical equipment, used on a daily basis in hospitals and clinics around the world for a wide range of different medical procedures, from hernia operations to arthroscopies. Trocar sleeves are a key component of many trocars, forming the central part of the trocar structure.

Trocar sleeves are versatile items which can be attached to different awls and trocar components to form complete trocars. Once they are fully assembled, trocars with sleeves can be used to look inside the body for procedures like endoscopies or to aid with the insertion of other items into the body, such as cameras and surgical tools.

There are various shapes and sizes of trocar sleeves, and each one is designed with a particular purpose in mind. Thoracic trocar sleeves, for example, are ideally suited for insertion into the pleural cavity and thorax. There are many other types of trocar sleeves with various valves and attachments for many possible applications.

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How Do Trocar Sleeves Work?

Trocar sleeves are used in a range of medical procedures, in conjunction with trocars of various shapes and sizes, like thoracic trocars or endoscopic trocars. To use a trocar sleeve, an insertion site will first need to be identified, cleaned, and numbed with the aid of anesthetic. An incision can then be made and the trocar, with its trocar sleeve, can be inserted into position.

Trocar Sleeves Sizes 

Just as trocars are available in a wide range of different sizes, trocar sleeves are also available in a broad range of sizes, with different lengths and diameters. Some of the most common diameters of trocar sleeves range from 5mm to 10mm.

Trocar Sleeves Types

There are various different kinds of trocar sleeves. For example, thoracic trocar sleeves are used exclusively for entry into the thoracic space to examine or treat problems with the respiratory system or heart. Laparoscopic trocar sleeves, meanwhile, are used for laparoscopy procedures which is when an incision is made in the abdomen in order to diagnose or treat issues within the body, such as gastrointestinal or reproductive problems.

Trocar Sleeves Uses

Since there are multiple varieties of trocar sleeves, there are also various different uses of these items. They may be used during a wide range of medical procedures, including diagnostic procedures to identify or investigate issues and abnormalities within the body, along with treatment procedures to treat the aforementioned issues and abnormalities. Some common procedures that may involve the use of trocar sleeves include endoscopies, arthroscopies, and laparoscopies. 

Trocar Sleeves Suppliers

Ethicon and Con-Med are some of the top suppliers of trocar sleeves.

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