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Council Tip Catheters

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What Is a Council Tip Catheter?

A council tip catheter, similar to other kinds of catheter, consists of a long, hollow, thin, flexible tube with a narrow tip at one end. The other end can be connected to a catheter bag, creating a closed system that can be used to drain urine from a patient. 

The distinguishing characteristic of council tip catheters is in the tip; these types of catheters have a very small hole at the tip. This allows them to be passed over a wire. A wire may be needed to aid with guided catheterization in patients with certain conditions.

The small hole in council tip catheters may therefore seem like a very subtle feature, but it’s actually very important and plays a key role in the way the catheter works. It can make the insertion process of catheters easier and allows them to be inserted in patients who may have urethral blockages or other problems.

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How Does a Council Tip Catheter Work?

A council tip catheter works in a very simple way. One end of the catheter is connected to a receptacle, like a catheter bag, which is used for collection. At the other end, a guiding wire can be placed through the small hole in the council tip and used to help guide the catheter into position. It is pushed through the urethra until it connects with the bladder, allowing urine to pass freely through the tube and into the bag.

Council-Tip Catheter Sizes 

Council tip catheters can be purchased in a myriad of sizes to use in different situations. They are usually measured with the French gauge or French scale system, which is a simple and quick way to identify catheters of different diameters. Council tip catheters are available in small sizes around 8 Fr up to larger sizes like 20 Fr.

Council-Tip Catheter Types

Council tip catheters are essentially a type of Foley catheter. They are very similar to the likes of standard straight tip and coudé tip Foley catheters in their design and usage. The only difference between models is that they may have different sizes, colors, and different numbers of lumens at the catheter bag end.

Council-Tip Catheter Uses

The primary use of council tip catheters is to allow urine to drain easily from the body, which can be beneficial to a wide range of patients. Those suffering from urinary incontinence or retention, for example, can benefit from the insertion of a council tip catheter. The council tip and guiding wire are particularly useful in situations where insertion may be difficult due to blockages or other problems. 

Council Catheter Suppliers

C. R. Bard is one of the medical world's leading suppliers of council tip catheters.

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