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Percutaneous Catheters

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What Is a Percutaneous Catheter?

The term “percutaneous catheter” is used for any kind of catheter which is inserted in a percutaneous way, which means that it passes through the skin. This can include a range of different catheters which may be used for various purposes, such as percutaneous nephrostomy or percutaneous abscess drainage.

Percutaneous catheters can also be used to inject substances into the body, as well as draining them out. They may be used for cholangiography procedures, for example, in which a contrast dye needs to be injected into the area around the bile duct to help it show up on an X-ray scanning machine.

There are therefore various forms of percutaneous catheters, each with its own design, structure, and purpose. Sizes can also vary from one catheter to the next and it’s important to choose the appropriate percutaneous catheter and the right size for each situation.

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How Does a Percutaneous Catheter Work?

As stated above, percutaneous catheters are always passed through the skin. This usually means that an area of insertion will need to be identified, which could be the back, between the ribs, the thigh, the groin, or another part of the body. The area will then typically be numbed with the aid of anesthetic and a needle will puncture the skin before the catheter is pushed inside the body.

Percutaneous Catheter Sizes 

Since there are various types of percutaneous catheters, there are also many different sizes. They can have varying lengths, ranging from short catheters of just 250mm up to much longer catheters of 750mm or more. They may also have different diameters, measured with the French scale system and ranging from 5 Fr up to 16 Fr or even higher in some cases.

Percutaneous Catheter Types

Percutaneous catheters are quite a broad category, encompassing various kinds of catheter. Many dialysis catheters, for example, are classed as percutaneous, as they pass through the skin to reach the bloodstream. Drainage catheters, too, are percutaneous, along with nephrostomy catheters and cholangiography catheters.

Percutaneous Catheter Uses

There are various potential uses of percutaneous catheters. A common use for these catheters is drainage. Percutaneous catheters can be used for abscess drainage, for example, in which a catheter is inserted into the body around an abscess in order to drain away the pus and fluids and treat the area. These catheters are also used in procedures like cholangiographies to insert dye into the body to make certain areas easier to see in X-rays. They can also be used as an alternative to urinary catheters if urination is not possible, connected directly to the kidney to drain urine out of the body.

Percutaneous Catheter Suppliers

C. R. Bard and Con-Med are some of the leading suppliers of percutaneous catheters.

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