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Pleurx Catheters

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What Is a PleurX Catheter?

PleurX is the brand name used for Carefusion's pleural catheters. So, in effect, PleurX catheters are simply a type of pleural catheter. They're used to drain fluid from the pleural space, which is situated around the longs.

A PleurX catheter is a long, thin, and flexible tube with two ends. One of the ends is inserted into the body to drain out fluid, while the other end is fitted with a 1-way valve. This valve is specially designed in order to let fluid out one way without letting air enter from the outside. There’s also usually a cap on the valve to keep it clean.

A PleurX catheter will be used in situations when patients have an excess amount of fluid inside the pleural cavity around one or both of the lungs. Patients with this problem may be experiencing shortness of breath or other respiratory problems.

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How Does a PleurX Catheter Work?

In order to insert a PleurX catheter, a surgeon or radiologist will first administer an IV line to the patient with anesthesia to numb the body. Two incisions are then made at the insertion site. One of the insertions goes through to the pleural cavity, while the other is a smaller incision just through the skin. The catheter is inserted as a tunnel between these two incisions and enters the pleural space, draining fluid out into a collection bag or unit.

What’s the Pleura?

This is a thin, slippery layer of tissue that helps protect the lungs. There are two layers of pleura: the visceral layer, which is a slippery layer that covers the exterior of the lungs and the parietal layer, which is the outside layer that lines the chest wall and diaphragm. The pleurae is a type of cushion that helps the lungs move freely when you breathe. In between the pleura is an area called the pleural cavity. In this small space, there is usually 10 to 20 millimeters of fluid.

What’s Pleural Effusion?

Fluids build up in the pleural space in some people and that is called a “pleural effusion”. A built-up of fluids in the pleural space can be caused by cancer, congestive heart failure and other infections. Nearly 40% of pleural effusions are caused by cancer. Cancer of the lungs, breast, lymphoma, and leukemia are highly associated with pleural effusions. 

Pleurx Catheters Features and Benefits

Innovative Vacuum Technology: Pleurx catheters are designed with an active vacuum feature that allows patients to drain quickly and comfortably without the need for gravity.

Safety Valve: Pleurx technology comes with a safety valve that keeps air and fluids from passing through the catheter, enhancing patient safety.

Polyester Cuff: This catheter is equipped with a polyester cuff that encourages tissue ingrowth, assisting with minimizing risk of infection and keeping catheter in position.

Understanding the Pleurx Catheters Technology

The physician will insert the Pleurx catheter in the patient. The end of the catheter will be outside of the body but under an adhesive dressing. When the patient is ready for the drainage to begin, they will simply link the end of the catheter to the line connected to a Pleurx drainage bottle, according to the guidance for use. 

Over 300,000 patients have been using the Pleurx technology since 1997, providing an easy to manage therapy that provides rapid relief and allows patients to spend more time comfortably at home. The Pleurx system enables patients to drain fluids without wasting unnecessary time, cost and energy.

Pleurx Drainage Procedure

The Pleurx Catheter is inserted in the chest to drain fluid from around the lungs or it may be placed in the abdomen to drain fluids that build in the area. The fluid is drained through the outer ender of the catheter. The valve prevents air from entering and fluid from leaking when the patient isn’t draining.

PleurX Catheter Sizes 

When it comes to sizes, there isn’t much variation with PleurX catheters. They are measured using the French scale system, which tells us the outer diameter of the catheter tube, and most PleurX catheters are around 15 or 15.5 Fr in diameter.

PleurX Catheter Types

PleurX is a specific brand name of pleural catheters, so it's a very specific type of catheter. There are not any other types or sub-categories to divide these catheters into, and they are all virtually identical in terms of size, shape, and design.

PleurX Catheter Uses

PleurX catheters are used in patients who have too much fluid in their pleural spaces. The pleura are the layers of tissue surrounding the lungs, and the pleural space is located in between the layers of this tissue. It's normal to have some fluid in this space, but if too much builds up, patients can struggle to breathe. This is when a PleurX catheter can be used to drain away all of the excess fluid and restore order to the pleural space.

PleurX Catheter Suppliers

PleurX is a brand name used exclusively by Carefusion. So this is the company to choose when it comes to PleurX catheter suppliers.

Buy PleurX Catheters at CIA Medical

CIA Medical aims to be your No. 1 choice for PleurX catheters and all other essential medical supplies and pieces of equipment. We offer a huge range of top quality goods at wholesale prices, including PleurX catheters and much more. With years of experience and over 25,000 satisfied customers served so far, you can rely on CIA Medical.