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Mushroom Catheters

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What Is a Mushroom Catheter?

A mushroom catheter, also known as a mushroom drain or simply just a mushroom, is a type of catheter that is used for drainage purposes. For example, they are commonly used to drain abscesses or fistulas around the body. 

They are typically made from flexible latex or semi-flexible silicone and usually have quite wide channels that allow thick, viscous fluids such as bile or pus to pass through them more easily than thinner catheters, and they can be used as part of the treatment of different conditions and diseases.

Mushroom catheters are so-called due to the presence of a mushroom-shaped tip at one end. This tip can also be referred to as a "flower" and is specially shaped in order to secure the catheter in position, stop it from falling out once it has been inserted, and prevent backflow.

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How Does a Mushroom Catheter Work?

Mushroom catheters may be used in a variety of ways, depending on the procedure or process that they are being used for. Usually, a patient in need of a mushroom catheter will have some sort of abscess or build-up of fluid in an area of the body that needs to be drained. The area will be numbed with the aid of anesthetic and the catheter can then be inserted and used to drain out the bile or other fluids. As stated above, the mushroom-shaped part of the catheter will help to hold it in position and stop it falling out of the body.

What’s Nephrostomy?

This is the name given to the passageway sustained by a tube, or catheter that makes a hole in the skin, passing through into the kidney to drain bodily waste. This procedure is done with the assistance of an x-ray machine to guide the catheter into the correct place. This procedure is often an alternative to surgery.

Patients usually need to have nephrostomy done because there is something blocking the ureter. The kidney is the organ responsible for making urine, which comes through the ureter from the kidney to the bladder. If the ureter is blocked, the urine starts piling up in the kidney. When this happens, it’s important to have this procedure done even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms since urine backup in the kidneys can lead to kidney failures.

People also need to have nephrostomy done if there is a hole in the ureter or in the bladder that causes urine to leak all over other areas of the body. This leakage can cause pain and infections. Nephrostomy procedure can stop the leaking and help the hole to regenerate. Nephrostomy is also done before surgeries.

Mushroom Catheters in Nephrostomy Procedure

Pain medication is administered to the patient through IV.  The radiologist will also apply local anesthesia to numb the area, so the patient should feel only a small pressure during the procedure. The procedure happens in three steps: insertion of a needle into the patient’s kidney, guidewire placement into the kidney and then placement of the drainage catheter. After the procedure is done, the patient will be observed for a couple days, varying from patient to patient. The nephrostomy drainage catheter is as big as an IV tube and will be linked to a drainage bag. Urine will drain out of the patient’s body into the bag.

Some patients will need the drainage catheter for the rest of their lives and it’s impossible to give a general amount of time that a person will need the catheter for. If the procedure was done due to a blockage in the ureter, the drainage catheter will be needed as long as the blockage is existent. If the procedure was done due to a hole in the ureter, then the patient will have to use the catheter until the hole ifs fully healed.

Benefits of Nephrostomy Procedure

This procedure relieves pain for patients who suffer from ureter blockage. For some people, the treatment can completely eliminate the root causing the blockage. If there is scar tissue blocking the ureter, the catheter might be able to enlarge the area without damaging it. If there is a hole in the ureter, the catheter will drain urine effectively preventing it from causing infections by leakage.

Mushroom Catheter Sizes 

It is possible to find and use mushroom catheters of various lengths and diameters to suit patients of different ages and needs. These catheters, like many others, are usually measured with the French scale system, which tells us the outer diameter of the catheter tube. Average sizes for mushroom catheters range from 12 Fr up to 30 Fr, as they typically need to be quite wide in order to drain thick fluids from the body.

Mushroom Catheter Types

Mushroom catheter is quite a specific term that only really applies to one type of catheter. So, even though mushroom catheters may have slightly different sizes and can be used for different purposes, they all follow the same basic design and fall into the same category.

Mushroom Catheter Uses

The main use of mushroom catheters is for drainage. Since they have quite wide interior spaces, they allow for the drainage of viscous fluids such as pus or bile. They are most commonly used for the drainage of abscesses in different areas around the body, especially anal or rectal abscesses. 

Mushroom Catheter Suppliers

Rusch, C. R. Bard, Teleflex, and Medline are among the most reliable and experienced providers of mushroom catheters.

Buy Mushroom Catheters at CIA Medical

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