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What Is a Rapide Suture?

Surgical sutures are very important medical materials, used for stitching up wounds and sealing tissues together after accidents, injuries, and operations. They're available in many different types, with a wide range of materials used to make medical sutures, and Rapide sutures are one example of this.

Rapide sutures are a specific type of Vicryl sutures. In fact, they are often referred to by the full name of Vicryl Rapide sutures. Like other Vicryl sutures, Rapide sutures are made from a copolymer of glycolide and lactide.

As the name suggests, Rapide sutures are particularly fast-acting in terms of their absorbable nature; they're able to break down and be absorbed by the body much faster than many other types of sutures. This makes them very useful for skin-level closures, holding the skin in place and giving it time to heal before dissolving and disappearing.

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When to Use a Rapide Suture?

There are various unique aspects associated with Rapide sutures which make them well-suited to certain procedures and less-suited for others. The good levels of tensile strength and low levels of tissue reaction are key features of these sutures that make them useful for superficial skin closures, and their fast-acting absorbable nature makes them useful in situations where the wound or laceration is expected to heal quite quickly. Thanks to this, they're often recommended for situations of scalp or facial cuts or lacerations, helping to close the cuts and give the skin time to heal.

Rapide Suture Sizes 

As with other types of medical sutures, there are various sizes of Rapide sutures available, and it's important to choose the correct length and diameter for each situation. Some of the most common sizes of Rapide sutures, according to the USP system, range from 5-0 to 2-0.

Rapide Suture Types

Rapide sutures are a very specific kind of suture, made from a specific material. They may also be referred to as Vicryl Rapide or Vicryl Rapid sutures. They are always designed and produced according to the same standards, so there are not multiple types of Rapide sutures. But they are many other types of medical sutures, like standard Vicryl sutures and PDS sutures.

Rapide Suture Uses

Since Rapide sutures are so quick to dissolve, they are mainly used on relatively small and simple cuts and lacerations which require stitching but are expected to heal quite quickly. These stitches can be used to seal a cut on a patient’s face, for example, and will dissolve within a week or two.

Rapide Suture Suppliers

Some of the top suppliers of Rapide sutures include Ethicon, Butler Schein, and Johnson & Johnson.

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