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What Are Suture Scissors?

Suture scissors, as the name suggests, are scissors that are used to cut medical sutures. They may also be referred to as Mayo scissors, or straight-bladed Mayo scissors, and they're a vital tool for surgeons when it comes to using medical sutures to seal a patient's wound or close up a surgical site after an operation.

There aren’t many different uses of suture scissors, but they still play a vital role in the suture process. Doctors and other medical personnel need to use the correct tools for each medical procedure, and suture scissors are specially designed to be able to carefully and accurately cut through various forms of medical sutures, from synthetic to natural sutures.

Like other kinds of scissors, suture scissors typically consist of a pair of blades fastened together, with two holes at one end for the fingers to pass through and a hinge in the center that allows for movement of the blades.

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How Do Suture Scissors Work?

Suture scissors are used in a very similar way to other kinds of scissors. The use will first need to place their thumb through one of the holes and a finger through the other, with the ring finger often recommended for maximum control. The other fingers can be used to support the suture scissors and guide them into position. The suture scissors can then be used to cut through medical sutures as needed, usually at the end of a suture process, once a wound has been sealed and stitched, in order to get rid of the excess material. 

Suture Scissors Sizes 

In general, suture scissors tend to be quite small, measuring just a few inches in length overall and specifically ranging from 3.75 inches to 5 inches in total. They may, however, have slightly different sizes of handles in order to accommodate users with different sized hands, as it’s very important to find a set of suture scissors that are an appropriate size to be used comfortably and safely.

Suture Scissors Types

Suture scissors may be divided into two distinct types: straight and curved. As the names imply, straight suture scissors have straight blades that run parallel to one another, while curved suture scissors have a slight curvature at the end of the blades. Curved models may aid in terms of getting a grip onto some of the tough medical sutures and cutting through them.

Suture Scissors Uses

The main use of suture scissors is to cut through medical sutures and aid in the overall process of using sutures to stitch together skin or bodily tissue. This may be needed in cases when patients are undergoing surgery or have cuts and lacerations on their bodies.

Suture Scissors Suppliers

Integra, Medical Action Industries, and Centurion are among the leading suppliers of suture scissors.

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