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Disposable Trocars

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What Is a Disposable Trocar?

Trocars are small pieces of medical equipment with very important uses. Typically consisting of a metal or plastic tip, a cannula or hollow tube, and a seal, these items have been used in the medical world for many years and are available in various types, including disposable trocars.

As the name suggests, disposable trocars are trocars that are designed to be disposed of after a single use. This separates them from reposable or reusable trocars, which are designed to be cleaned, sterilized, and used again for multiple procedures.

Most trocars used in the medical world today are disposable trocars. Doctors and surgeons often favor disposable trocars due to the fact that they don’t need to be sterilized after usage, reducing the amount of work required for medical personnel and also reducing the risk of contamination and infection in patients which may occur when the same trocar is used for more than one procedure.

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How Does a Disposable Trocar Work?

The way in which disposable trocars work will depend on what kind of procedure is being carried out. First, the patient will need to be prepared accordingly for the procedure, like an endoscopy or hernia treatment, which may involve the use of sedatives, IV lines, and anesthesia. Once the patient is ready, the disposable trocar can be inserted into the body via an incision or directly into a bodily cavity.

Disposable Trocar Sizes 

Disposable trocars can be used for a wide variety of different procedures and are available in many different sizes to suit different patients and situations. Sizes can range from as narrow as 3mm all the way up to 10, 15 or even 20mm trocars. Disposable trocars may also vary in terms of their overall length.

Disposable Trocar Types

Disposable trocars are a specific type of trocar, but they can be divided even further into different sub-types and categories. Endoscopic disposable trocars, for example, are trocars that are commonly used during endoscopy procedures. There are also arthroscopic disposable trocars, used for diagnosing and treating problems with joints. There are balloon disposable trocars, hernia disposable trocars, and thoracic disposable trocars, too. Each one has its own specific use and unique features.

Disposable Trocar Uses

Since there are several different types of disposable trocars, they have a wide range of potential uses. The primary function of disposable trocars is to aid with the insertion of instruments into the body, which can include anything from cameras for arthroscopy procedures to surgical tools for endoscopies and surgeries.

Disposable Trocar Suppliers

Covidien, Cook Medical, Aspen Surgical, Con-Med, and Applied Medical Resources are some of the top suppliers of disposable trocars.

Buy Wholesale Disposable Trocars Online at CIA Medical

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