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What Is a Vicryl Suture?

Vicryl sutures are a particular variety of medical suture, made by the Ethicon brand. They're classed as polyfilament sutures, rather than monofilament sutures, meaning that they are made up of multiple filaments which are braided or twisted together, rather than a single monofilament structure, and they're made from polyglycolic acid.

Vicryl sutures are absorbable, which means that they will gradually break down within the body and are eventually absorbed by the body, without the need for manual removal. Unlike other absorbable sutures which break down quite quickly, Vicryl sutures can maintain their strength for over two months. They also have minimal tissue reaction and decent knot security.

Due to their popularity among medical personnel and their widespread usage, Vicryl sutures have become one of the most commonly-used and most-favored sutures in the medical world. Not only that, but the term "Vicryl suture" is even used to describe many other kinds of synthetic, absorbable sutures made of polyglycolic acid, even those made by different companies outside of Ethicon.

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When to Use a Vicryl Suture?

There are lots of different kinds of medical sutures out there, and each one has its pros, cons, and best-use scenarios. Vicryl sutures are no different. With their absorbable nature and high levels of strength, these sutures are relatively versatile and well-suited to a wide range of uses. They're commonly used for soft tissue approximation, as well as ligation. They can be used during different types of surgery and operations to help tissue heal. However, they are best-used at a subcutaneous level, rather than at the surface level of the skin, due to their slow-absorbing nature.

Vicryl Suture Sizes 

Like other kinds of medical sutures, Vicryl sutures are available in a relatively wide range of sizes. Some of the most commonly used sizes of Vicryl sutures include 4-0, 3-0, and 2-0, but other options are available.

Vicryl Suture Types

There are several different types of Vicryl sutures. It's possible to find both clear, undyed Vicryl sutures, as well as dyed Vicryl sutures, for example. Dyed Vicryl sutures are helpful in situations where visibility and precision are very important, as they're much easier for surgeons to see. There’s also a whole separate category of Vicryl sutures called Vicryl Rapide sutures which break down more rapidly than regular Vicryl sutures and are useful in fast-healing areas of the body.

Vicryl Suture Uses

Thanks to their unique advantages and strong structure, Vicryl sutures are useful for general tissue repairs and ligation in many different situations. They can be used in all sorts of operations to help patients’ bodies heal more quickly.

Vicryl Suture Suppliers

The Vicryl line of medical sutures is made by the Ethicon brand, so Ethicon is the one and only supplier to choose for Vicryl sutures.

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