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1000 ml IV Bags

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. See our list of 1,000ml IV bags and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is a 1,000ml IV Bag?

A 1,000ml IV bag is a commonly-used piece of medical equipment in hospitals and medical institutions all over the world. As the name implies, these IV bags have an internal capacity of 1,000ml (or 1L), allowing them to store up to this amount of liquid.

Many different liquids can be stored inside 1,000ml IV bags, from saline solution and lactated Ringer’s to various medicines and drugs used for treating a wide range of different diseases and disorders.

These bags are usually made from ethyl vinyl acetate, otherwise known as EVA, which is a soft and flexible plastic. They can be made of other plastics and vinyl materials, too, and serve to simply store liquids until they are ready to be administered.

Usually, when 1,000ml IV bags are ready to be used, they will be connected to a catheter or IV line of some kind. The fluid will then drip out of the bags along the catheter line and into the patient’s body.

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How Does a 1,000ml IV Bag Work?

1,000ml IV bags can be sold empty or pre-filled with a solution of some kind, such as saline solution. They offer a protective layer of material around the fluid to keep it in place and prevent any leakages or contamination. When it’s time to make use of a 1,000ml bag, a catheter will be connected at the bottom of the bag and the bag itself will usually be positioned on a stand. The other end of the catheter will enter the patient’s body and fluids will flow from the bag to the patient at a controlled rate.

1L IV Bag Sizes 

The main feature of 1,000ml IV bags is their size: these bags always have an internal capacity of 1,000ml. They can vary in other ways, such as materials, but they always have the same precise size. Other sizes of IV bags are also available, ranging from as low as 50ml up to 2,000ml.

1L IV Bag Types

1,000ml IV bags are all usually identical in terms of size and shape, but there can be some slight variations, depending on the manufacturer. Different materials may also be used; EVA is the most common material, but other plastics and vinyl may be preferred in some cases. 

1L IV Bag Uses

The main use of 1,000ml IV bags is to store and protect important fluids like saline solution and chemotherapy drugs before they are administered to patients via infusion therapy. There are many situations in which these IV bags may be needed. They are commonly used during chemotherapy, for example, to treat patients with cancer, and can also be used to provide important medicines and vital fluids to patients with chronic pain conditions, terminal illnesses, or those who are undergoing operations.

1L IV Bag Suppliers

Baxter and Metrix-Secure are among the leading suppliers of 1,000ml IV bags.

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