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Dilating Tip Trocars

See our collection of dilating tip trocars below. Order online, call (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is a Dilating Tip Trocar?

Dilating tip trocars are a particular kind of trocar, standing out to their unique dilating tip design. Like other trocars, dilating tip trocars are used in various medical procedures like endoscopies and arthroscopies in order to diagnose and treat health issues inside the body.

The key aspect that makes dilating tip trocars different from other kinds of trocars is the fact that, as the name suggests, the tips of these trocars are able to dilate, separating tissue and widening punctures, rather than lacerating it, in order to minimize the injury to the port site and facilitate speedy, efficient healing.

Thanks to their unique designs, there are many potential uses and benefits associated with dilating tip trocars. They’re ideal for providing access to the inside of the body for various procedures like endoscopies, and their dilation allows them to aid in passing relatively large tools and instruments into the body without significant tissue damage.

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How Does a Dilating Tip Trocar Work?

Dilating tip trocars work in a similar way to other kinds of trocars, inserted into the body through an incision or directly into a cavity. First, an insertion will need to be identified, which will usually be somewhere in the abdomen. Then, after application of anesthetic to numb the area, an incision can be made and the dilating tip trocar can be placed into position. The thick tip at the end of the trocar helps it to not only puncture tissue but push it apart to create a wide gap, and once the dilating tip trocar is in place, other instruments and tools can pass through it into the body.

Dilating Tip Trocar Sizes 

It's possible to find a wide range of sizes of dilating tip catheters. In terms of their diameter, they can range from as narrow as 5mm all the way up to 12mm options. And in terms of length, they tend to average between 100 and 150mm.

Dilating Tip Trocar Types

Dilating Tip trocars are a very specific kind of trocar with their own unique design and features. However, there are many other kinds of trocars to choose from for medical procedures, such as blunt tip trocars and bladed trocars.

Dilating Tip Trocar Uses

There are lots of potential uses of dilating tip trocars. Just like other kinds of trocars, their primary purpose is to aid with the insertion of other medical instruments, like microsurgery tools or small cameras, into the body. The dilating tip trocar effectively creates a tunnel or conduit for other items to pass through by puncturing tissue inside the body.

Dilating Tip Trocar Suppliers

Some of the top Dilating Tip trocar suppliers include Covidien, Ethicon, and Con-Med.

Buy Wholesale Dilating Tip Trocars Online at CIA Medical

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