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When to Use a 10-0 Suture?

It's always important to use the right size of suture for each situation, and 10-0 sutures have very specific usage scenarios, due to their immensely narrow size. Because they're so thin, these sutures are usually used in cases when surgery is taking place on very small areas of the body, such as very small blood vessels, parts of the eye, or other pieces of tissue around the body, which require precise and delicate repair.

10-0 Suture Sizes 

As the name implies, 10-0 sutures have a very clear and specific size: 10-0. All 10-0 sutures, no matter their type or brand name, should always adhere to this specific measurement and will always be 0.2mm in diameter from one side to the other. However, it is possible to find and use 10-0 sutures of varying lengths, as some brands sell 10-0 sutures in 4" lengths, for example, while others offer much larger quantities.

10-0 Suture Types

We can divide 10-0 sutures into various types, including both polyfilament and monofilament varieties, as well as absorbable and non-absorbable types. Monofilament 10-0 sutures consist of one singular stranded filament, like nylon sutures, while polyfilament sutures are made of multiple filaments twisted together, like Vicryl. Meanwhile, absorbable 10-0 sutures will degrade on their own in the body and don't need to be removed manually, while non-absorbable 10-0 sutures will not simply dissolve or degrade on their own and require manual removal.

10-0 Suture Uses

There are various uses of 10-0 sutures. They're very effective for stitching up very small and delicate areas and surgical sites, so may be used for microsurgical repairs or for surgeries involving the eye.

10-0 Suture Suppliers

Ethicon, Medical Sterile Products, and Look/Div Surgical are some of the leading suppliers of 10-0 sutures.

Buy Wholesale 10-0 Sutures Online at CIA Medical

If you’re looking for the best quality 10-0 sutures at the finest prices, choose CIA Medical. We’ve been providing wholesale medical supplies for years, working with thousands of hospitals and clinics and providing countless medical products to our happy customers, time after time. You can rely on us for competitive prices, quality products, and peerless service.

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How Does an Antibacterial Suture Work?

The way in which antibacterial sutures work is relatively simple. First, the correct size of suture will need to be selected and attached to a surgical needle or suture needle. Once the suture is in position, a surgeon can use it to stitch together a wound or surgical site. Since the suture is made with antibacterial properties, it will automatically limit the growth and spread of bacteria around the suture site, drastically reducing the risk of any contamination or infection for the patient.

Antibacterial Suture Sizes 

Antibacterial sutures are available in a range of sizes, and they're usually measured with the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standard, with sizes ranging from 11-0 up to 7. The most commonly used sizes are around 7-0, 6-0, and 5-0, and these are used for small vessel repair, large vessel repair, as well as suturing on the hands, limbs, and face.

Antibacterial Suture Types

We can divide antibacterial sutures into various types, based on their size and the materials used to make them. There are examples of monofilament antibacterial sutures, for example, as well as polyfilament antibacterial sutures which are composed of multiple filaments bonded together. Each type has its own properties, and some are absorbable, which means that they will naturally degrade and dissolve over time, while others are non-absorbable and need to be manually removed once the wound has healed up.

Antibacterial Suture Uses

There are various uses of antibacterial sutures, and the main purpose of these sutures is not just to stitch wounds and surgical sites together, but also to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and contamination, so they’re a great choice in cases where a patient is at higher-than-average risk of infection.

Antibacterial Suture Suppliers

Ethicon and Covidien are some of the leading suppliers of antibacterial sutures.

Buy Wholesale Antibacterial Sutures Online at CIA Medical

CIA Medical is a name you can count on when it comes to top quality antibacterial sutures at the best prices. We stock and supply a huge range of antibacterial sutures from trusted brands like Ethicon, as well as many other forms of sutures for various medical procedures. Take a look at our full product range and place your order with confidence at CIA Medical.