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Nelaton Catheters

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What Is a Nelaton Catheter?

A Nelaton catheter is a kind of urinary catheter. They feature a long, hollow, flexible or semi-flexible tube with a closed, rounded tip, known as a Nelaton tip, at one end and a connector at the other end for attaching the catheter to a collection bag.

The Nelaton tip features a small hole in the side to allow urine to pass through, and the catheter itself is typically made of non-toxic, medical-grade PVC which can be easily lubricated for the simplest and most comfortable insertion.

Like other kinds of urinary catheters, Nelaton catheters can be used in various situations for patients who are finding it difficult, painful, or impossible to urinate conventionally. They can help those suffering from issues such as incontinence, urinary retention, and urethral blockages, as well as those with mobility issues or patients recovering from surgery.

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How Does a Nelaton Catheter Work?

Nelaton catheters work just like most other kinds of intermittent urinary catheters. First, the tip is covered with some sort of lubricant, like lubricating jelly, in order to ease insertion. The tip is then inserted into the patient’s urethra and pushed into the body several inches until it reaches the bladder and urine begins to flow out. The urine passes through the catheter channel and reaches a catheter bag, which is connected to the tube at the other end. Since Nelaton catheters are a kind of intermittent catheter, they are only designed for short-term use and can be removed and re-inserted as needed.

Nelaton Catheter Sizes 

Since Nelaton catheters are a kind of intermittent catheter, they are only designed for short-term use and can be removed and re-inserted as needed.Like other kinds of catheters, Nelaton catheters are available in a wide range of sizes. Different sizes can be used to suit patients of different ages and needs, ranging from the relatively narrow 8 Fr Nelaton catheters up to the much wider 18 Fr Nelaton catheters.

Nelaton Catheter Types

A Nelaton catheter is a specific type of intermittent urinary catheter. There are many other types of urinary catheters, but Nelaton is one specific variety, and there is only one kind of Nelaton catheter, although sizes and materials used to make these catheters may vary.

Nelaton Catheter Uses

The main use of Nelaton catheters is to allow for the passage of urine out of the body from the bladder and into a catheter bag. They can be used in many situations in which male patients may find it difficult or impossible to urinate or have problems controlling their urination due to issues like incontinence or retention.

Nelaton Catheter Suppliers

Some of the leading suppliers of Nelaton catheters include Rusch, Teleflex, and Independence Medical.

Buy Nelaton Catheters at CIA Medical

If you’re looking for top quality Nelaton catheters at the fairest prices, you can count on CIA Medical. We’ve been in the business of wholesale medical supplies for many years, working with thousands of happy customers during that time and upholding the highest standards of customer care and support.