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3mm Trocars

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What Is a 3mm Trocar?

Trocars, or trochars, are small but important medical instruments that are used to introduce cannulas and other pieces of medical equipment into blood vessels or cavities throughout the body. Trocars are available in a wide range of sizes, and 3mm trocars are some of the narrowest trocars used in the medical world today.

3mm trocars consist of a hollow cylinder with a sharp point at one end. In the past, they were all three-sided, which is where the "trocar" name comes from, derived from the French "trois-quarts", meaning three fourths or three quarters. However, nowadays, it's possible to find trocars in other shapes and designs, like blade-free trocars.

There are many potential uses of 3mm trocars. Thanks to their very narrow design, they're useful in cases where it's important to reduce the risk of internal tissue damage, such as operations or surgeries involving small and delicate blood vessels.

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When to Use a 3mm Trocar?

As stated above, 3mm trocars are some of the smallest trocars available to use. Because of this, they are best used in situations when only small incisions and small instruments need to be passed through the trocar. This may be the case in situations involving microsurgery, for example, and it’s also common to use 3mm trocars in pediatric patients. 3mm trocars are also a good choice to use in situations when doctors or surgeons wish to limit the risks of tissue damage or vessel damage to a patient.

3mm Trocar Sizes 

As the name implies, 3mm trocars all have the same size: they’re all 3mm in diameter. They may vary slightly in length, but all tend to be quite similar. There are other trocar sizes available, ranging all the way up to 20mm in total. 

3mm Trocar Types

There are various different types of 3mm trocars, and each one has its own design, advantages, features, and purpose. One of the most common varieties of 3mm trocars is the classic three-sided trocars, but it's also possible to find bladeless 3mm trocars and dilating-tip 3mm trocars, which are specially designed to reduce the risk of injury to the patient. It’s also very common to see reposable or reusable 3mm trocars, which are able to be sterilized and reused multiple times, as well as disposable 3mm trocars which are thrown away after a single use.

3mm Trocar Uses

The main use of 3mm trocars is to aid in the insertion of different surgical tools and instruments into the body, like cannulas and fiber optic video cameras. They’re often used during laparoscopy procedures, and they may also help to release gasses and fluids that have built up within the body, too. 

3mm Trocar Suppliers

Ethicon, Covidien, and Medline are among the top suppliers of 3mm trocars.

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