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Malecot Catheters

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What Is a Malecot Catheter?

A Malecot catheter is a special type of drainage catheter with an interesting history. These catheters were first designed to be used for bladder drainage in female patients, helping females pass urine more comfortably and conveniently if they were dealing with blockages or other problems. 

Over time, however, the usage of Malecot catheters has changed. They are now most commonly used in a variety of procedures for draining thick liquids like bile and pus out of the body.

In terms of design, a Malecot catheter is a semi-flexible latex tube that can be reused. It is self-retaining, thanks to a flower-shaped tip at one end which serves to hold the catheter in its position and prevent it from falling out once in place or from being accidentally removed by the patient.

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How Does a Malecot Catheter Work?

Malecot catheters can be used in a variety of ways for different procedures. Usually, a part of the body will need to be identified for insertion and numbed with the aid of anesthetic. The skin can then be punctured and the catheter will be inserted. The flower-shaped end of the catheter is specially designed to hold it in position once insertion is complete, and fluids can be drained out via the main catheter tube.

Malecot Catheter Sizes 

It is possible to find Malecot catheters in various sizes in order to be used in different patients and for a variety of procedures. Given that these catheters are often used for drainage thick fluids like bile and pus, they need to be quite thick and wide, with average diameters ranging from 16 Fr up to 36 Fr.

Malecot Catheter Types

There is only one main type of Malecot catheter. Even though these catheters can be produced by various brands and may differ in terms of size, they’re all almost identical in form and shape, made of latex and featuring the classic flower shape at the tip which helps the catheter remain in position once it has been inserted.

Malecot Catheter Uses

Malecot catheters can be used in various ways. As drainage catheters, their primary function is to drain fluids out of the body, and they're especially designed to cope with thick or viscous fluids like bile and pus. They may be used in procedures like suprapubic cystostomy, which involves drainage of urine from the bladder, as well as nephrostomy, which is a procedure that involves draining urine directly from the kidneys and bypassing the bladder entirely. This kind of procedure may be needed for patients who have urinary blockages.

Malecot Catheter Suppliers

Some of the top providers of Malecot catheters include C. R. Bard, Rusch, and Teleflex.

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