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Potassium Chloride IV Bags

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. See our list of potassium chloride IV bags and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is a Potassium Chloride IV Bag?

A potassium chloride IV bag is one that contains a solution of potassium chloride. Potassium chloride is a mixture of potassium and chlorine. Potassium is a mineral which is found in many foods and used for various functions throughout the body; it is especially important for the heart.

Potassium chloride IV bags are usually used when a person’s potassium levels are dangerously low. Low levels of potassium is known as hypokalemia, and there are various reasons why a patient may exhibit low levels of potassium, such as disease or extensive use of certain medications.

Like other kinds of IV bags, potassium chloride IV bags are usually made of soft plastic or vinyl. They can vary in size, with most bags being 50ml in capacity. They are connected to IV lines or catheters which transport the potassium chloride solution from the IV bags directly into the bloodstream.

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How Does a Potassium Chloride IV Bag Work?

Like any other kind of IV bag, a potassium chloride IV bag works by storing and protecting the potassium chloride solution against any contamination. A catheter is connected to the bag at the base, and the bag is usually suspended on a stand of some kind. The catheter is then inserted into the patient’s vein, usually with the aid of a needle, and the potassium chloride can flow freely from the IV bag through the catheter tube and into the patient’s body.

Potassium Chloride IV Bag Sizes 

There are various sizes of potassium chloride IV bags. The most common sizes are 50ml and 100ml, as it is uncommon for higher quantities of potassium chloride to be required. It is important for the appropriate size of IV bag to be chosen to suit the needs of the patient.

Potassium Chloride IV Bag Types

There are not multiple types of potassium chloride bags. All of these bags are identical in terms of their content, their design, and the way in which they are used. The only difference may be in terms of size, as well as minor cosmetic differences, based on the manufacturer.

Potassium Chloride IV Bag Uses

The primary use of any potassium chloride IV bag is to store a water-based solution of potassium chloride before it is transfused into a patient. These bags are most commonly used to treat cases of hypokalemia, when patients' potassium levels are dangerously low. This may occur after a patient has been seriously ill and suffered excessive vomiting and diarrhea, or if they have been taking certain medications.

Potassium Chloride IV Bag Suppliers

Hospira and Baxter are two of the leading suppliers of potassium chloride IV bags.

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