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CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. See our list of injection caps and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is an Injection Cap?

An injection cap is a small but essential piece of medical equipment, used for infusion therapy and IV lines. These little items allow for different tubes and syringes to connect together with IV catheters.

As the name implies, injection caps are usually placed over the end of a catheter line to cap or seal it. They have a narrow hole through the center and allow for syringes or other IV tubing to be attached, facilitating the flow of fluids and medications into the IV line.

Injection caps are commonly used infusion supplies, vital for allowing essential fluids like saline solution or liquid-based medicines to pass into a patient's body, while also protecting the IV catheter and the patient against any contamination

Injection caps also need to be changed on a regular basis, usually whenever the catheter dressing is changed, which is why many hospitals and clinics have a large supply of injection caps ready to be used.

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How Does an Injection Cap Work?

The first step of using an injection cap is to prime it. This process involves removing air from the cap before connecting it to a catheter. To do this, a nurse or other member of medical personnel will first open the package of injection caps, take a cap between their fingers, clean the end of the cap with an alcohol pad or wipe, and then attach a saline syringe to the end of the injection cap. Once the syringe is in place, the user can push the plunger down until a drop of saline comes out of the other end of the cap, which shows that the cap has been primed. It can then be connected to a catheter line.

Injection Cap Sizes 

Most injection caps are very similar in size, but it is possible to find some slight variations. These items are usually just a few centimeters or one to two inches in length.

Injection Cap Types

There are a few different kinds of injection caps, and they can be divided into different types, depending on their shape and design. Sealing injection caps, for example, are designed to seal off an IV line and protect it from contamination or leakages, while Luer stopper injection caps feature Luer lock systems for extra security.

Injection Cap Uses

The main function of an injection cap is simply to connect tubing and syringes to an IV line or IV catheter. They provide easy access to the IV line for the attachment of syringes or additional tubing, allowing fluids and medicines to be injected directly into the line. There are many situations in which this may be needed, and many different kinds of patients may require IV therapy and the use of injection caps, such as those who are undergoing surgery or those with chronic illnesses.

Injection Cap Suppliers

Some of the top providers of Injection caps include Smiths Medical, Kawasumi Labs America, Covidien, and B Braun.

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