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Ochsner Trocars

See our collection of ochsner trocars below. Order online, call (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is an Ochsner Trocar?

Trocars are small but important pieces of medical equipment, inserted into bodily cavities or incisions in order to aid with various processes like internal operations and endoscopies. There are many different kinds of trocars, and Ochsner trocars are a particularly significant type.

Ochsner trocars feature sharp, pointed tips at one end, with a central tube or cannula in the middle and a seal at the top. They also have a separate suction window, and their main purpose is to help drain or withdraw fluids from various cavities throughout the body.

Ochsner trocars are quite different from many other trocars. They have a unique design that makes them very highly suited for their specific function, with the sharpened tip helping to incise soft tissue precisely and carefully, and a hollow tube to allow fluids to flow easily out of the body. They’re available in various sizes to suit different patients and situations.

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How Does an Ochsner Trocar Work?

Unlike many other kinds of trocars which have a wide range of general uses, Ochsner trocars are quite specifically used only for drainage of collapsed cavities. To use them, an incision may first need to be made in the body in order to access the collapsed cavity. Anesthesia may be given to the patient to ease any pain or discomfort associated with this process. Once the incision has been made, the Ochsner trocar can be pushed into position. Once it is in place, the Ochsner trocar will be used for drainage, with fluids drawn efficiently out via the attached cannula.

Ochsner Trocar Sizes 

Just like with other trocars, it's possible to find a wide range of sizes of Ochsner trocars. Some of the most common diameters for these trocars range from as small as 4mm all the way up to 8mm. They may also vary in length, with different sizes for different situations. 

Ochsner Trocar Types

Ochsner trocars are a very specific kind of trocar with a precise function and design, so it's not possible to divide them into any further subtypes or categories. However, there are many other varieties of trocars to choose from for different medical procedures, including bladed trocars, blunt tip trocars, dilating tip trocars, and disposable trocars.

Ochsner Trocar Uses

The primary function of Ochsner trocars is drainage. These tools are specially designed in order to drain fluids out of collapsed cavities, drawing the fluids out into a container and easing pressure inside the body. This may be necessary in various situations and can be a part of various extended medical procedures.

Ochsner Trocar Suppliers

Medline and Sklar are some of the top suppliers of Ochsner trocars.

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