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Pleural Catheters

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. We serve over 25,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. See our list of pleural catheters and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour quote by filling the form on this page.

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What Is a Pleural Catheter?

A pleural catheter is a type of catheter that is designed for entry into the pleural space surrounding the lungs. The main function of this type of catheter is to drain fluid out of the pleural cavity. It is therefore a type of drainage catheter. 

Pleural drainage catheters consist of a long, thin, flexible tube. One end of the tube enters the body and drains fluid out via the tube, while the other end features a 1-way valve to let the fluid drain out without letting air enter. There's also usually a valve cap to protect the valve against contamination when not in use.

These kinds of catheters are used when there is an excess of fluid filling the pleural space around one or both of the lungs. This condition can make it hard for a patient to breathe, but the pleural catheter will drain out the fluid and restore normality.

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How Does a Pleural Catheter Work?

Usually, an interventional radiologist, an interventional pulmonologist, or a thoracic surgeon will be responsible for inserting the pleural catheter. They will first provide the patient with an IV line and anesthetic. Once the insertion area is numb, two incisions will be made: one just lightly through the skin and the other through into the pleural space. A tunnel will be made between the two cuts, under the skin, for the tube to be inserted. The catheter can then be pushed inside and connected to a collection unit to drain fluid.

Pleural Catheter Sizes 

In terms of sizes, most pleural catheters range from around 14 to 16 Fr in diameter. This is using the standard French scale system, which is widely used around the world to measure the diameters of catheters.

Pleural Catheter Types

Pleural catheters are all more or less the same, without any variation, so there aren’t different types or sub-categories to be concerned with. Most pleural catheters are also referred to under the brand name PleurX.

Pleural Catheter Uses

The main use of pleural catheters is to drain away excess fluid from the pleural space around the lungs. It's normal for some fluid to be present in this space. However, in some cases, patients may have an excess amount of fluid, which could make it hard for them to breathe comfortably. The pleural catheter can be used to drain away that excess fluid and provide easier and more comfortable respiration for the patient.

Pleural Catheter Suppliers

When it comes to pleural catheters, Carefusion is the world’s leading supplier with its PleurX brand catheters.

Buy Pleural Catheters at CIA Medical

If you’re looking for pleural catheters in bulk quantities, CIA Medical can meet your needs. A leading force in the world of wholesale medical supplies, we work with the best providers to offer a broad range of products at the most competitive prices. We’ve already made 25,000 customers happy, so you can count on us to deliver whatever you’re looking for.