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Balloon Trocars

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What Is a Balloon Trocar?

Trocars are small but important pieces of medical equipment that may be used in a wide range of both diagnostic and treatment procedures. They're designed to facilitate the entry of other instruments into the body, and they're available in various types, including balloon trocars.

Balloon trocars are a very specific kind of trocar. Like other trocars, they consist of a sharpened tip or awl, a central tube or cannula, and a seal at the top. The thing that makes them different, and the thing that gives balloon trocars their name, is the presence of a small inflatable section near the tip. 

The inflatable part of a balloon trocar is vital for its usage; once the trocar has been inserted into position, the balloon will be inflated with air sent through an inflation port in the cannula. Once the inflatable section has inflated, it will help to secure the balloon trocar in position. 

This helps to reduce abdominal intrusion when compared to other sorts of trocars and reduce the risk of tissue damage due to the trocar moving around or falling out.

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How Does a Balloon Trocar Work?

The way in which balloon trocars work is very similar to other kinds of trocars. First, an insertion point will need to be identified and an incision will usually lift the skin with the aid of forceps before making an incision to allow the trocar to enter. The balloon trocar can then be pushed and twisted into position through the incision, and one of the advantages of using balloon trocars over other kinds of trocar is that they don’t need to be pushed as far into the body. Once the trocar is in place, a syringe will be used to push air into the cannula port in order to inflate the balloon.

Balloon Trocar Sizes 

Just like other trocars, balloon trocars are available in a range of sizes. They may be several inches long, averaging around 10” in total, and they can also vary in terms of their diameter, with common sizes from 5mm to 12mm..

Balloon Trocar Types

There are various kinds of trocar, and balloon trocars are a specific type, with their own unique design and structure. There are also many other types of trocars, such as arthroscopic trocars, which are used for arthroscopy procedures, as well as camera trocars, which have cameras attached to see inside the body.

Balloon Trocar Uses

Like other kinds of trocars, the main use of balloon trocars is to guide other items into the body. The trocar itself creates a puncture in the tissue to allow other items to pass through, like cameras or surgical tools. Balloon trocars are commonly used in the abdomen to diagnose or treat issues with various internal organs.

Balloon Trocar Suppliers

Covidien and Applied Medical Resources are some of the top suppliers of balloon trocars.

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