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Laparoscopic Trocars

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What Is a Laparoscopic Trocar?

Trocars are small medical devices which may be used for a variety of purposes, from aiding with endoscopies to allowing surgeons to operate inside a patient's body with only small incisions and minimal tissue damage. They consist of awls - metal or plastic tips - cannulas, and seals. There are various types of trocars, and laparoscopic trocars are some of the most common.   

As the name suggests, laparoscopic trocars are used during laparoscopic surgery procedures. The word laparoscopy comes from the Ancient Green "lapara", meaning side and "scopeo", meaning "to see". Laparoscopic procedures therefore involve inserting a camera into the side of the body, usually via the abdomen or pelvis, to see inside.

Laparoscopic trocars play a vital role in laparoscopy procedures. They're vital for guiding the camera and other medical tools into the body, and it's impossible to carry out any kind of laparoscopic procedure without using laparoscopic trocars in some capacity.

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How Does a Laparoscopic Trocar Work?

As stated above, laparoscopic trocars are used in laparoscopy procedures. Before this procedure begins, the patient will need to be placed in the correct position; a position known as the Trendelenburg is usually used, but other positions may be selected, depending on the nature of the situation.

Once the patient is in position, an incision will be made in the abdomen, and a laparoscopic trocar will be inserted into the incision, used to guide the laparoscope camera into the body. Additional incisions and laparoscopic trocars may also be used later in the procedure, depending on the patient.

Laparoscopic Trocar Sizes 


As with other kinds of trocars, like hernia trocars and endoscopic trocars, it's possible to find laparoscopic trocars in various sizes. They may have slightly different diameters, ranging as small as 5mm all the way up to 11mm, in most cases.

Laparoscopic Trocar Types

In terms of types, laparoscopic trocars are all more or less identical. They may be made by different brands and have slightly different sizes, but they all have the same basic shape and features, consisting of an awl, cannula, and seal at the top.

Laparoscopic Trocar Uses

As stated, laparoscopic trocars are used exclusively for laparoscopy procedures. There are many situations in which a laparoscopy may be required. These procedures are very useful for diagnosing all sorts of different conditions affecting organs and systems inside the abdomen and pelvis. It's very common, for example, for laparoscopy procedures and laparoscopic trocars to be used to study and treat conditions affecting the female reproductive system or the gastrointestinal system.

Laparoscopic Trocar Suppliers

When it comes to Laparoscopic trocars, Applied Medical Resources and Covidien are two of the top suppliers in the industry.

Why Choose CIA Medical for Your Laparoscopic Trocars?

CIA Medical is a name you can count on for all of your wholesale medical orders. Whether you’re looking for laparoscopic trocars or other important medical items, we can meet your needs. As one of the leading suppliers of wholesale medical equipment, we’ve served over 25,000 hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharmacies so far.