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29 Gauge Needles

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29 Gauge Needles / 29g Needles

When you want to make an injection as comfortable as possible with a needle that is versatile enough for many uses, the 29g is a smart option. Injecting medications subcutaneously is one of the common calls for 29 gauge needles in medical settings.

What Do They Use the 29g Needle For?

Insulin injection is one of the most common uses for the 29 gauge needle. With one in 10 Americans being treated for type 2 diabetes, demand for this needle gauge is high. Physicians also use 29 gauge needles for subcutaneous injections where a stronger needle is not necessary.

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What Does Gauge Mean?

Each needle conforms to the measurement parameters set out by the Birmingham wire gauge system. Its outer diameter, inner diameter and wall thickness determines the gauge within narrow variations. Like the wire that the Birmingham system first classified back in the 1600s, sutures and catheters as well as needles are classified according to this scale.

29g gauge needles have the following measurements:

  • Outer diameter: 0.01325 in. (variation 0.00025 in.) or 0.3366 mm (variation 0.0064 mm)
  • Inner diameter: 0.00725 in. (variation 0.00075 in.) or 0.184 mm (variation 0.019 mm)
  • Wall thickness: 0.00300 in. (variation 0.00025 in.) or 0.0762 mm (variation 0.0064 mm)
  • Common lengths: 0.5 in.

The ISO6900 is a standard color coding system for needle gauges. The Luer lock connector between the needle and the syringe bears the color that identifies the gauge. The color for the 29 gauge needle is red.

Who Supplies 29 Gauge Needles?

CIA Medical is Your Needle Resource

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