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What Is a Polymer Suture?

There are many different kinds of medical sutures, and polymer sutures are an example of this. The term "polymer sutures" applies to any medical sutures made with polymer materials, which includes the likes of Monocryl sutures, Dexon sutures, and Maxon sutures.

Polymer sutures may be made of various synthetic materials and can fall into both monofilament and polyfilament categories. Monofilament polymer sutures consist of one singular filament structure, while polyfilament polymer sutures are made up of multiple filaments bonded together, and each type has its own pros and cons.

In general, polymer sutures are known for their impressive levels of tensile strength. They're usually classed among the strongest and toughest types of medical sutures, as well as offering decent levels of handling and low risks of adverse tissue reactions. Thanks to this unique blend of qualities, polymer sutures are very versatile and have a wide range of possible applications.

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How Does a Polymer Suture Work?

Polymer sutures work in the same way as other kinds of medical suture, being primarily used to stitch up wounds or sew incision sites from operations back together. Before a polymer suture is used, a surgeon will need to select the appropriate size and type of suture to suit the situation at hand. They will then attach the suture to a surgical needle and use one of several suture techniques to stitch tissue, skin, or other structures together. If the polymer sutures are absorbable, they can then be left in the body to dissolve and be absorbed over time.

Polymer Suture Sizes 

There are various sizes of Polymer sutures, and they are usually measured using the standard USP (United States Pharmacopeia) system. Some of the most common sizes for these sutures range from 3-0 to 0, but other sizes are available.

Polymer Suture Types

There are several different varieties of polymer sutures, and we can divide them into different groups and categories, depending on their nature. It's possible to find both absorbable and non-absorbable polymer sutures, for example. Absorbable polymer sutures, like Novafil sutures, can break down naturally with the aid of bodily enzymes and fade away on their own, while non-absorbable polymer sutures will not break down organically and need to be removed manually.

Polymer Suture Uses

There are many potential uses of polymer sutures, and each type has its own best-use scenarios. Novafil polymer sutures, for example, are typically used for tendon repairs, while Maxon polymer sutures are used at a subcutaneous level. Polymer sutures may also be used for superficial tissue closure.

Polymer Suture Suppliers

Ethicon, Covidien, and Novartis are some of the leading suppliers of polymer sutures.

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