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Groshong Catheters

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What Is a Groshong Catheter?

A Groshong catheter, which can also be known as a Groshong line, is a type of central venous catheter. Other kinds of central venous catheters or central venous lines include femoral catheters and C-lines. They are all used for accessing major veins throughout the human body.

Every Groshong catheter consists of a central hollow tube with a narrow tip at one end that is inserted into the superior vena cava in the chest. At the other end, the Groshong catheter has a three-way valve, which is always closed while the line is not in use. When it is in use, the valve allows for blood to be drawn out or for fluids to flow in.

Like other kinds of catheter, the Groshong catheter has an important part to play in different medical procedures. It is commonly used during chemotherapy, for example, to allow chemical treatments to be infused into the body as easily and directly as possible.

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How Does a Groshong Catheter Work?

Like other central venous catheters, Groshong catheters are connected to a key vein in the body, namely the superior vena cava. The area of insertion on the chest will first need to be cleaned and put under local anesthetic to numb any pain when the catheter is inserted. Once the area has been numbed, an interventional radiologist or surgeon can insert the catheter, usually using X-rays or ultrasound scans to guide it to the correct location. It enters the superior vena cava and can then be used to deliver intravenous fluids and medicines.

Groshong Catheter Sizes 

Groshong catheters generally needed to be quite narrow in order to enter the body and penetrate one particular vein with minimal risk. They can, however, differ slighlty in size, with smaller catheters used on younger patients and wider ones for adult patients. Sizes follow the standard French gauge system, and the average size range for Groshong catheters is between 4 Fr and 8 Fr.

Groshong Catheter Types

There are two main types of Groshong catheter: standard Groshong catheters and PICC lines. Regular Groshong catheters are inserted into the body using the method described above and are the most common variety. PICC line Groshong catheters are inserted into the body at a peripheral site before extending through to the superior vena cava. They are used for patients who need long-term IV therapy.

Groshong Catheter Uses

Since there are many different kinds of Groshong catheters, there are also lots of different ways in which they can be used. Urinary catheters, for example, can be useful for helping people who are suffering from incontinence or urinary retention, while epidural catheters can deliver anesthetic and medicine to patients with chronic pain or those going through labor.

Groshong Catheters Characteristics

These are a soft, silicone tube with a closed rounded end. Groshongs aren’t open at the end, and the closed end has a three-way valve that enables fluids to flow in or out, closed when not in use. The Groshong Catheter Line features:

  • Soft, Medical Grade Silicone Tubing
  • Radiopaque Tip
  • Radiopaque Stripe
  • Tissue Ingrowth Cuff
  • Connector Locking Sleeve
  • Depth Markings
  • Attachable Suture Wings
  • Large Lumen
  • Several Sizes and Settings

How to Use Groshong Catheters?

This type of catheter is inserted into one of the main large central veins, so the end lies in the superior vena cava above the right atrium. It is tunneled subcutaneously to the desired exit site. The tissue ingrowth cuff that’s attached to the long-term catheter is placed 3-5 centimeters below the skin exit site in the tunnel. The cuff is there to promote tissue ingrowth and to steady the catheter in place.

Who Should Use Groshong Catheters?

All catheters from the Groshong central venous line are designed for intravenous therapy, administration of fluids, blood products, medication, and parenteral nutrition solutions, as well as blood removal. Groshong long-term catheters are ideal for long-term vascular access in patients who don’t have proper peripheral venous access. These are available in single lumen and multi-lumen type catheters.

Do not use Groshong Catheters if:

  • There are signs of infection, bacteria or septicemia related to the device.
  • The size of the implanted device is incompatible with the patient’s body size.
  • The patient is allergic to the materials that this device is made of.
  • Patient has chronic obstructive lung disease.
  • Past irradiation occurred in the prospective insertion site.
  • There have been episodes of venous thrombosis or any other vascular surgical procedure at the prospective insertion site.
  • Tissue area will prevent proper stabilization of the device.


  • Do not reuse this device. Groshongs are single use devices and cannot be reinserted. Reuse will cause cross-infection regardless of sanitizing or any other sterilization procedure. Devices contaminated with blood should not be reused.
  • Dispose device accordingly after use. Device becomes a biohazard after use and should be handled appropriately following USA Federal laws and regulations.
  • Carefully read and follow all instructions before use.
  • This is a restricted item sale by or on the order of a physician.
  • Follow all warnings, cautions, precautions and instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Groshong Catheter Suppliers

C. R. Bard is one of the main suppliers of Groshong catheters.

Buy Groshong Catheters at CIA Medical

It’s always important to order medical supplies like Groshong catheters from trusted, proven sources. CIA Medical is a source you can rely on. Not only do we offer the widest range of products at the most competitive prices, but we’re also an experienced and proven wholesale supplier, working with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

If you’re unable to locate a specific Groshong Catheter on our website, please contact us at: sales@ciamedical.com or (312) 275-5850 and our sales and customer service team will promptly help you find it at the lowest price.