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Triple Lumen Catheters

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What Is a Triple Lumen Catheter?

A triple lumen catheter is one that has three separate lumens. A lumen is simply an individual channel within the catheter. For example, in a urinary catheter, there may be one lumen used for draining urine and a secondary lumen used for inflating a balloon to hold the tube in place.

Triple lumen catheters always have three lumens in total, and each lumen will have its own purpose. They can be used for draining fluids out of the body, transfusing fluids into the body, or for diagnostics to measure and check things within the body.

Many different types of catheters have three lumens, and they can be used for a wide range of purposes, including dialysis, infusion of medicines, and more. There are lots of potential usage cases for a triple lumen catheter, and they may vary in design, with different sizes, materials, and tips used for various purposes and procedures.

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How Does a Triple Lumen Catheter Work?

The way in which triple lumen catheters work will depend on which type is being used, where it is inserted, and what it is used for. Usually, an insertion site in the body will need to be identified, cleaned, and anesthetized. The triple lumen catheter can then be inserted into the body and the various lumens will be used for drainage, transfusion, or diagnostics, as required.

Triple Lumen Catheter Sizes 

Triple lumen catheters can vary in terms of size in both length and width. They may range from as short as 300mm up to 750mm and longer, and their diameters can range from as narrow as 5 Fr up to 20 Fr and beyond.

Triple Lumen Catheter Types

There are many different types of triple lumen catheters. One common variety is the central venous catheter, or central line, which typically consists of three lumens. These catheters are inserted into the veins for infusion and diagnostic purposes. Umbilical catheters can also have three lumens, along with urodynamic catheters, drainage catheters, Hickman catheters, and dialysis catheters.

Triple Lumen Catheter Uses

There are many potential uses of triple lumen catheters, as there are a lot of different kinds of catheters that feature three lumens. One of the most common uses of these catheters is for insertion into the umbilical vein for infusion of fluids and transfusion of blood, but they can also be used for other infusions, dialysis, drainage, and much more. Patients with a wide range of conditions can benefit from treatment with a triple lumen catheter.

Triple Lumen Catheter Suppliers

Some of the top suppliers of triple lumen catheters include C. R. Bard, Teleflex, Covidien, and Edwards Lifesciences.

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