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Medical Supply Articles

CIA Medical frequently adds medical supply articles as well as specific medical product articles to help share healthcare information with our visitors.

Medical Supplies and Medical Products Medical Supplies

Get the right medical supplies at the right prices at CIA Medical today. Find over 500,000 medical products from 5,000 medical brands.

medical supplies and medical products from CIA Medical
Anesthesia Circuits: The Circle of Life Anesthesiology

Detailed article on definition of anesthesia circuits, rebreathing, the Mapleson F System, Bain circuits and overall requirements.

Medical supplies article on anesthesia circuits
Aspirating Syringes: What, Where, and Why Medical Supplies

Learn more about how conventional syringes and aspirating syringes work.

Medical supplies article on aspirating syringes
Blood Pressure Tech 101: Everything You Need to Know Cardiology

In depth guide on blood pressure and the various available measurement devices, cuffs, and technology.

Medical supplies article on blood pressure
Dental Implants: Something to Smile About Dentistry

An overview of the types of implants used to replace tooth roots and support a dental prosthesis.

Medical supplies article on dental implants
Disposable Syringes: A One Hit Wonder Medical Supplies

The history and types of disposable syringes, as well as definitions of the different delivery methods of injections, including intradermic and intravenous.

Medical supplies article on disposable syringes
Electronic Stethoscopes: I Heart Them Medical Supplies

The technology and benefits of electronic stethoscopes compared with traditional acoustic stethoscopes.

Medical supplies article on electronic stethoscopes
Hand X-rays: The Superpower Supertool Radiology

Different methods for positioning the hand for x-rays and the proper evaluating criteria for each.

Medical supplies article on hand x-rays
Infusion Pumps: Pump Up the Party Infusion

Learn the differences between the most common types of pumps, which one to use when, and the safety regulations behind the machines.

Medical supplies article on infusion pumps
IV Administration Sets and Pumps: A Clinician's Guide Infusion

A brief history of IV treatments and frequently asked questions, such as how to choose the right equipment.

Medical supplies article on IV administration sets and pumps
Mesothelioma: The Fight Continues Oncology

An overview of the rare form of cancer that typically develops in the lining of the lungs as a result of inhaling asbestos or other toxic chemicals.

Medical supplies article on mesothelioma
Ophthalmoscopes: What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You Optometry

Understand the main device in ophthalmoscopy used to examine the eye’s exterior and interior.

Medical supplies article on ophthalmoscopes
Suction Devices: Equipment That Sucks Medical Devices

Comprehensive guide to the different types of devices used to remove fluids during procedures, including the bulb syringe, Rico Aspirator and dental suction units.

Medical supplies article on suction devices
Surgical Instruments: Top 100 Tools and Devices Surgery

A list of the top tools used by surgeons including clamps, probes, forceps, and scissors.

Medical supplies article on surgical staples
Surgical Scissors: Cut it Out Surgery

Information on the styles of commonly used surgical scissors, including dissecting, iris, operating and tenotomy scissors.

Medical supplies article on surgical-scissors
Surgical Staples: Everything Healthcare Professionals Need to Know Surgery

The history of surgical staples, how the technology has evolved, and when and how to use them.

Medical supplies article on surgical staples
Trocars: A Detailed Guide to Their Use in Surgical Procedures Surgery

How trocars are used in laparoscopic surgery, the risks and benefits of laparoscopy, and more.

Medical supplies article on trocars
Wound Dressings 101: The Right Dressing for Each Type of Wound Wound Care

Functions and differences of each dressing style for appropriate application and optimal healing.

Medical supplies article on wound dressings