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CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. We serve over 25,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. See our list of catheter kits and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour quote by filling the form on this page.

If you’re unable to locate a specific item on our website, please contact us at: sales@ciamedical.com or (312) 275-5850 and our sales and customer service team will promptly help you find it at the best price.

No matter the item's brand, type, or size, we can get it — even if backordered.

What Is a Catheter Kit?

A catheter kit is a set of items and accessories that are used in the insertion or operation of a catheter. These kits can vary in terms of their contents. They may contain a packet of lubricant, some medical gloves, a urine collection bag, an underpad, antiseptic cleaning wipes, tubes, swabsticks, and syringes, too.

The contents and materials used in each catheter kit can vary from brand to brand. In general, these kits are aimed to provide all you need to insert or set up and use a catheter. Certain pieces or items like the catheter bags or catheter tubes may be sold separately.

Given that the contents of these kits can vary, the prices may also vary quite a lot, depending on what is inside. It's possible to find very affordable, basic kits with the bare essentials for insertion of a catheter, as well as more comprehensive kits with everything included.

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C.R. Bard #0035630


$7.60 EACH

Ships Within: 24 Hours
Medgyn Products #022719

Medgyn Products #022719, Medgyn Word Bartholins Catheter, 6/BOX

Call for Pricing

Ships Within: 3-5 Days
Covidien #3411

Covidien #3411, Female Catheterization Kit with 15 mL Specimen Tube and Flip Cap, Vinyl, PVP Swabs, 8 Fr, 25/CS

$4.37 EACH

Ships Within: 24 Hours
C.R. Bard #0035380

C.R. Bard #0035380, Female Cath Kit, Rigid PVC Catheter, Gloves, Swabs, Label, Lubricant, No Towel, 25 EA/BX

$5.62 EACH

Ships Within: 24 Hours
C.R. Bard #0035640

C.R. Bard #0035640, Catheter Kit Pediatric 8fr ST Ea, 50 EA/CS

$7.37 EACH

Ships Within: 24 Hours
Covidien #65035

Covidien #65035, Simplicity Incontinence Brief Unisex 59-64" Moderate White 4x15/CS

$41.79 per CASE

Ships Within: 2-3 Days
Medline #DYND10800

Medline #DYND10800, Speci-Cath Female Basic Kit with Specimen Tube, Cap and ID Label, 25/CS

Call for Pricing

Ships Within: 3-5 Days
Arrow International #AK-05000

Arrow International #AK-05000, Epidural Catheterization Kit TheraCath 10/CS

$617.38 per CASE

Special Order Item
Carefusion #50-0071

Carefusion #50-0071, Catheter Sys Strt Kit Pleurx 1000mL 1/CS

$567.67 per CASE

Special Order Item
Hollister #96144

Hollister #96144, Catheter Intermittent Kit Adv+ 14Fr/16" 100/BX

$1,203.74 per BOX

Special Order Item
Covidien #8888145039

Covidien #8888145039, Palindrome Dialysis Cath Kit 19x36cm 5/Cr

$3,903.32 per CARTON

Special Order Item
C.R. Bard #0600692

C.R. Bard #0600692, Hickman Dual Lumen Cath Kit 13.5Fr Ea

$1,529.27 EACH

Special Order Item
Covidien #31279

Covidien #31279, Argyle Suction Catheter Mini-Soft-Kits without Solution, 12 Fr, Whistle, 50/CS

$82.90 per CASE

Special Order Item
C.R. Bard #4A2056

C.R. Bard #4A2056, Catheter Kit Female 14FR 50/CS

$274.73 per CASE

Special Order Item
Covidien #30877

Covidien #30877, Argyle Suction Catheter Mini-Soft-Kits without Solution, 8 Fr, Graduated, DeLee, 50/CS

$85.48 per CASE

Special Order Item
Centurion #CKF155L

Centurion #CKF155L, Catheter Kit Pedi Soft 5Fr 50/CS

$435.07 per CASE

Ships Within: 3-5 Days

How Does a Catheter Kit Work?

The various items included in a catheter kit all have their own uses and purposes. For example, the medical gloves and antiseptic wipes found in many kits help to ensure that the cathing process is as hygienic and safe as possible. The lubricating jelly is used to lubricate the catheter for smoother and easier insertion, while the underpad can be used for people who self-cath or parents who cath their children.

Catheter Kit Sizes 

There are various sizes of catheter kits, and they may contain differently sized items, too. You can find small and simple catheter kits with nothing more than catheter insertion supplies like gloves, wipes, and an underpad, for example. You can also find much bigger and more complete kits with large urine catheter bags, long tubes, and a list of additional supplies.

Catheter Kit Types

One of the most common types of catheter kit is the catheter insertion supplies kit. This contains all of the basic elements required to set-up a catheter, like wipes, gloves, an underpad, and some lubricant. There are also full catheter kits that come with the aforementioned accessories, as well as catheter bags and tubes.

Catheter Kit Uses

Catheter kits are mainly used to set up and insert catheters. The lubricant, gloves, and syringes can aid with the insertion process, while the catheter tube itself is connected to the urine bag or catheter bag for fluid collection. Other items and accessories included in the catheter kits can also be of assistance during the insertion procedure.

Catheter Kit Suppliers

C.R. Bard, Covidien, Medgyn, Medline, Carefusion, Hollister, and Arrow International are some of the leading suppliers of catheter kits.

Buy Catheter Kits at CIA Medical

CIA Medical is a trusted wholesale supplier of medical supplies and devices, including some of the finest catheter kits. We offer a variety of catheter kits with various contents to suit all catheter-related needs and practices, all at the fairest and most competitive prices. With years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, you can count on CIA Medical to meet your needs.