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Swan Ganz Catheters

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What Is a Swan Ganz Catheter?

A Swan Ganz catheter, also known as a pulmonary artery catheter, is a special kind of cartery used for right heart catheterization or pulmonary artery catheterization. The catheter is named after the two men who invented it together: Jeremy Swan and William Ganz.

The catheter itself consists of a long, flexible tube that contains various channels, otherwise known as lumens. It is not uncommon for these kinds of catheters to have five or six lumens in total.

Swan Ganz catheters also have a small balloon tip. The balloon can be inflated once the catheter is in the right position in order to keep it from falling back out or moving any further into the body.

Swan Ganz catheters and Swan-Ganz catheterization are used for diagnostic purposes. The process is designed to test the heart and circulatory system to look for signs of any abnormalities.

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How Does a Swan Ganz Catheter Work?

First, the patient will usually be sedated before the procedure begins. The area of insertion will then be cleaned and numbed with local anesthetic; this may be in the neck or the groin. An incision will then be made and an introducer sheath inserted to make way for the catheter. The catheter can then be pushed into the vein and guided all the way to the right side of the heart. The balloon can then be inflated and the catheter can be used to test and measure blood pressure and heart function.

How is Swan-Ganz Catheterization performed?

This test is usually performed when the patient is lying in an intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital. Before the test is performed, patients are given a sedative in order to relax. While lying in bed, the physician will approach the patient and pierce into a vein near the groin of the arm, or neck. Right after, a flexible catheter or sheath is placed through the perforation.

In some cases, the catheter will be placed in the patient’s leg or arm. Note that the patient is awake during the process. After the first tube is inserted, a longer catheter is placed. Then, the physician carefully moves it near the upper chamber of the right side of the heart. 

In several cases, x-ray images will be used to assist the physician place the catheter in the correct position. Now blood is removed from the catheter and that blood is used to test the oxygen quantity in the blood. Heart’s rhythm is at all times checked throughout the procedure, using an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Reasons to Schedule a Swan-Ganz Catheterization Test

This procedure is performed to test how blood circulates in people who have the below conditions:

  • Unusual pressure in the heart arteries.
  • Burns.
  • Congenital heart disease.
  • Heart failure.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Leaky heart valves.
  • Lung problems.
  • Shock.
  • Risks of Swan-Ganz Procedure May Include:
  • Swelling around the area where the procedure was performed.
  • Bruising to the vein.
  • Perforation of lungs if neck or chest veins are accidentally used, causing pneumothorax (lung collapse).

Rare Complications May Include:

  • Blood infection.
  • Embolism caused when there are blood clots at the end of the catheter.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Cardiac tamponade.
  • Cardiac arrhythmias.

Swan Ganz Catheter Sizes 

Just like other catheters that are designed to be inserted into blood vessels, Swan Ganz catheters tend to be quite narrow, but relatively long in length. Average diameters for these catheters range from 4 Fr up to 7 Fr, using the traditional French gauge system.

Swan Ganz Catheter Types

Swan Ganz catheters are a very specific type of catheter, with little room for variation, so there are not many different types of these catheters. However, they can vary slightly in size, as well as the number of lumens. Some Swan Ganz catheters feature five lumens, while others will have six.

Swan Ganz Catheter Uses

Swan Ganz catheters are used to carry out diagnostic tests on the heart. There are various reasons why this might need to be done. It's commonly used for patients who have experienced heart failure, for example, or complications in the lungs or kidneys. People with pulmonary edema, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, or pulmonary arterial hypertension can all undergo this procedure.

Swan Ganz Catheter Suppliers

ICU Medical and Edwards Lifesciences are among the leading suppliers of Swan Ganz catheters.

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