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See our collection of 8-0 sutures below. Order online, call (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is an 8-0 Suture?

Medical sutures are vital  pieces of medical equipment, used for stitching up wounds and repairing tissue after operations. There are various sizes of medical sutures available for use, measured using the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) system. 8-0 sutures are among the narrowest kinds of medical sutures, with a wide range of uses.

8-0 sutures measure approximately 0.04mm to 0.05mm, depending on which specific material is being used at the time. They're narrower than most other sizes of medical sutures, but there are also 9-0, 10-0, and 11-0 sutures which are even thinner than 8-0 sutures.

8-0 sutures have various uses. They are commonly used in the field of microsurgery, due to their very narrow size. The size of 8-0 sutures makes them very effective for stitching up very small incisions and fragile pieces of tissue, or even vessels. 8-0 sutures are also used in the field of veterinary care.

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When to Use an 8-0 Suture?

It's always important to use the right size of medical suture for each situation. As stated above, 8-0 sutures are some of the narrowest sutures available, which means that they have a specific set of uses. They’re very commonly used in situations involving microsurgery, as their thin nature allows them to stitch up small incisions and delicate pieces of bodily tissue with minimal risk of damage.  

8-0 Suture Sizes 

As the name implies, 8-0 sutures all have the same size; they all measure approximately 0.04mm across from one side to the other, and even though different brands and providers produce these sutures, they’re all the same size. They may, however, vary in terms of length, and it’s possible to buy 8-0 sutures in small portions of just a few inches, all the way up to much longer lengths of several feet or more. 

8-0 Suture Types

There are lots of different kinds of 8-0 sutures, and we can divide them into a wide range of categories and types. There are polyfilament sutures and monofilament 8-0 sutures, for example, where the former consists of multiple filaments bonded together, while the latter is made up of one singular filament. There are also absorbable and non-absorbable 8-0 sutures. An absorbable 8-0 suture is one that will break down and be absorbed by the body, while a non-absorbable 8-0 suture does not dissolve on its own and may require manual removal by a medical practitioner.

8-0 Suture Uses

There are various uses of 8-0 sutures. They're very effective for stitching up open wounds or surgical sites after an operation, and they’re best used in microsurgery operations dealing with very small and specific sites throughout the body. 

8-0 Suture Suppliers

Ethicon and Covidien are some of the leading suppliers of 8-0 sutures.

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