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Sodium Chloride IV Bags

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. See our list of sodium chloride IV bags and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour custom quote by filling the form on this page.

What Is a Sodium Chloride IV Bag?

A sodium chloride IV bag is an IV or intravenous bag used for infusion therapy. It comes prefilled with a sodium chloride solution, otherwise known as saline solution, which is a mixture of water and salt.

Sodium chloride IV bags are commonly used around the world in hospitals, clinics, and other medical environments, and sodium chloride is one of the most common fluids found in IV bags. It's been used for decades to replenish the fluids in the body in cases of dehydration or fluid imbalance.

There are many situations in which patients may require the use of sodium chloride IV bags, such as people who are dehydrated, people with severe vomiting or diarrhea symptoms, and people who have suffered injuries or wounds.

These bags are an important part of the medical world and are available in a range of sizes to suit various users.

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How Does a Sodium Chloride IV Bag Work?

Sodium chloride IV bags arrive at the hospital or clinic prefilled with sodium chloride. The solution has already been inserted into the bag in a safe and hygienic way to minimize the risk of any contamination. When it’s time to use the bag, it is attached to a catheter and usually suspended from a stand. The other end of the catheter is then inserted into the patient, usually with the aid of a needle or via a port that has been implanted under the skin previously. The fluids from the sodium chloride bag can then flow through into the patient’s body at a controlled rate.

Sodium Chloride IV Bag Sizes 

Sodium chloride IV bags are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from relatively small bags with just 50ml of fluid up to much larger bags containing a full 1L (1,000ml) of sodium chloride solution. Other common bag sizes include 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml.

Sodium Chloride IV Bag Types

Most sodium chloride IV bags are very similar in terms of design and shape. They always come with sodium chloride or saline solution inside, but they may vary slightly in terms of the materials used to make them, as some are made with flexible EVA material and others are made of vinyl or other plastics. They can also vary in terms of the number of ports or connectors at the bottom for attaching catheters and lines.

Sodium Chloride IV Bag Uses

The primary use of sodium chloride IV bags is to deliver essential fluids and electrolytes into the body. This is most commonly used when a patient is suffering from dehydration, which could be caused by excess sun exposure or illness that leads to fluid loss through vomiting or diarrhea. The IV bag delivers much-needed water and salts into the body to restore fluid balance.

Sodium Chloride IV Bag Suppliers

B Braun, Baxter, and Millipore are among the leading suppliers of sodium chloride IV bags.

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