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Bladed Trocars

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What Is a Bladed Trocar?

Trocars are medical devices that have been used for many years in the medical world to aid in a variety of diagnostic and treatment procedures, from endoscopies to organ operations. While many modern trocars are bladeless, bladed trocars are the more traditional variant and are still used today for various processes.

As the name suggests, a bladed trocar is one that has a sharpened blade along the tip. The blade aids with the insertion of the trocar, dividing tissue cleanly and precisely in order to create entry points into the body. This is in contrast to bladeless trocars, which are blunt and require the use of other instruments to make tissue incisions before they can be inserted.

Available in various sizes, bladed trocars are some of the most commonly-used trocars in hospitals and clinics across the world. They're particularly important when carrying out endoscopies to examine different areas of the body for diagnostics or treatments.

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How Does a Bladed Trocar Work?

A bladed trocar works like many other kinds of trocar, being inserted into various parts of the body (usually the abdomen) in order to assist with endoscopies and other procedures. First, the patient may be given a sedative and dose of anesthesia before the procedure begins. Forceps may then be used to clamp the skin of the abdomen before a small incision is made. The bladed trocar can then be inserted into the body via the incision, and the blades of the trocar itself may be used to cut through tissue deeper into the body until the trocar is in position. Once it is in place, the bladed trocar may be used to facilitate entry of other items like cameras and surgical tools.

Bladed Trocar Sizes 

Just like other kinds of trocars, it's possible to find bladed trocars in a wide range of different sizes, and they’re typically measured according to their inner diameter. Some of the most common sizes of bladed trocars range from 5mm to 12mm.

Bladed Trocar Types

Bladed trocars are a specific variety of trocar, with their own unique design and structure. They have specific uses and stand out from other trocars due to their sharpened blades, making them useful for certain forms of endoscopy. There are other trocar types available, such as bladeless trocars and arthroscopy trocars.

Bladed Trocar Uses

The main use of bladed trocars is for endoscopy procedures. An endoscopy involves a camera being inserted into the body to diagnose or inspect potential problems with internal organs and systems. The bladed trocar aids with the insertion of the camera.

Bladed Trocar Suppliers

Some of the top Bladed trocar suppliers include Applied Medical Resources, Covidien, and Medtronic

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