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Femoral Catheters

CIA Medical is a leading provider of medical and surgical supplies. We serve over 25,000 healthcare facilities worldwide. See our list of femoral catheters and prices below. Order online, call us at (312) 275-5850, or get a 2-hour quote by filling the form on this page.

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What Is a Femoral Catheter?

A femoral catheter, as the name implies, is one that is designed to be inserted into the femoral vein. The femoral artery is one of the main blood vessels in the legs. Since it is such a large vein, it's relatively easy to use for acquiring intravenous access in hospitalized patients or patients undergoing emergency procedures, and femoral catheters are key for these procedures. 

Femoral catheters may also be known as central lines or central venous catheters. Like other catheters, they consist of a long, hollow tube that can be attached at one end to a receptacle of some kind, like a bag of IV fluids, and has a narrow point at the other end for easy insertion into the body. 

The primary use of femoral catheters is to deliver fluids or medicines into the body, particularly medicines that are not possible for a patient to take orally, or those that would cause damage if injected into a smaller blood vessel. These catheters can also be used for carrying out blood tests and measuring blood pressure.

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How Does a Femoral Catheter Work?

Inserting and using a femoral catheter can be quite a complex procedure, demanding skill and specialist equipment. First, the catheter and insertion site will need to be sterilized. The area around the femoral nerve will need to be physically stimulated through palpation. The cannulation site will need to be anesthetized to numb the area before a needle is inserted into the site. The catheter can then follow the guide of the needle and enter the femoral vein, ready to deliver fluids from an attached bag.

Femoral Catheter Sizes 

Many catheters come in a wide range of different sizes, and femoral catheters are no different. They're usually quite narrow, but can have slightly different diameters for use in patients of different ages and body types. The diameter of femoral catheters is measured using the French gauge system, with average sizes ranging from 3 Fr to 7 Fr. In terms of length, they typically range from 150mm to 300mm.

Femoral Catheter Types

There is only one type of femoral catheters, but they're part of the larger central venous catheter family, which can also include catheters designed for entry into the jugular vein and subclavian vein in the neck and chest, respectively. All of these central venous catheters are similar in design but can have slightly different sizes. They may also have single or multiple lumens or channels for infusion of different fluids.

Femoral Catheter Uses

Femoral catheters allow medical practitioners to infuse a patient with vital fluids or medicines and are most commonly used in emergency situations where those fluids are greatly needed. They can also be used for blood tests and blood pressure measurements.

Femoral Catheter Suppliers

Cook Medical and Edwards Lifesciences are two of the top suppliers of femoral catheters.

Buy Femoral Catheters at CIA Medical

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