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See a huge selection of ConMed products at CIA Medical - with great prices plus fast shipping.

ConMed Products - Huge Selection and Great Prices

ConMed is a leading provider of surgical instruments and other healthcare supplies in the modern medical marketplace. Founded in 1970 in Utica, New York, ConMed history has been a record of innovation and growth. Eugene Corasanti first established the company as Consolidated Medical Equipment, Inc. and introduced its first product, a disposable monitoring electrode for electrocardiogram examinations. This soon launched ConMed as a leader in the disposable electrode marketplace and ensured its continued growth and success.

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Conmed #60-6085-201A


$1,727.55 per CASE

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Conmed #IAS12-120LPI


$1,283.52 per BOX

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Conmed #60-6085-201A


$598.00 per CASE

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Conmed #EZLINK01


$572.07 EACH

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Conmed #5091-206

Conmed #5091-206, Medium Sidecutting Bur, Sterile, 2 mm x 7.5 mm 5/box

$195.50 per BOX

Ships Within: 3-5 Days
Conmed #2700-030

Conmed #2700-030, ECG Monitoring Electrode Cleartrace Snap Connector Conductive Adhesive Gel Tape Backing Adult Radiolucent 30 per Pack

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Conmed #IAS8-DV


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Conmed #ASM-EVAC1-BI


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Conmed #60-5272-127

Conmed #60-5272-127, Laparoscopic L Hook Electrode, 5 mm dia. x 27 cm Length, Sterile, Reusable, With Suction Irrigation Lumen

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Conmed #7-900-100

Conmed #7-900-100, HYFRECATOR, 2000 W/ACCESSORIES 100V

$1,979.47 EACH

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Conmed #000854

Conmed #000854, Precisor Forcep Biopsy Hot 230cm Alligator Cup/2.3mm Red Coated Disposable 10/Bx

$1,342.44 per CASE

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Conmed #VT10424


$317.86 per CASE

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Conmed #GS2000

Conmed #GS2000, System Insufflation 12x12x6" 50L 50-60Hz 50L Class I, Type B Each

$36,865.86 EACH

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Conmed #1375-012

Conmed #1375-012, Bur Guard Medium Ea

$605.45 EACH

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Conmed #7-900-230

Conmed #7-900-230, Hyfrecator 2000 Unit Electrosurgical 230/240V

$2,024.85 EACH

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Conmed #5058-001

Conmed #5058-001, Two Surgairtome High Speed Drill

$8,661.76 EACH

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Conmed #60-6085-201A


$1,527.55 per CASE

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Conmed #TRS100SB2

Conmed #TRS100SB2, Anchor System Foreign Body Retrieval 10mm 235mL 5.6cm Tissue 5/Bx

$716.67 per BOX

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Conmed #PLPUL2020

Conmed #PLPUL2020, PlumePen Ultra Smoke Evacuation Pencil, Nonstick, Sterile, 20 EA/CA

$1,268.63 per CASE

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Conmed #PA2010


$523.61 per CASE

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Conmed #5091-236


$18.50 EACH

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Conmed #60-7520-005

Conmed #60-7520-005, Smoke Pencil, Rocker Switch Integrated, UltraClean Blade, 10ft Tubing, 10/cs

$598.52 per CASE

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Conmed #H9131


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Conmed #000639


$395.50 per BOX

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ConMed Company History

In 1989, ConMed acquired Aspen Labs from Bristol Myers Squibb. This allowed ConMed to take a dominant position in the field of electrosurgery equipment and supplies. The acquisition of Linvatec in 1997 made ConMed the second largest manufacturer of arthroscopy products and orthopedic surgical instruments in the world. According to the Mayo Clinic, arthroscopy is an innovative way to diagnose and treat joint issues using a small, minimally invasive surgical procedure and a fiber-optic camera. This addition to the ConMed family of companies allowed the company to achieve a dominant position in the arthroscopic medical field.

ConMed continued their winning ways with the purchase of the majority of the gastroenterology and pulmonology divisions of C.R. Bard. An agreement reached with the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) also provided ConMed with the exclusive global marketing rights for the allograft tissue developed by MTF.

In 2016 and 2019, respectively, ConMed acquired SurgiQuest and Buffalo Filter. SurgiQuest brought ConMed into the forefront of minimally invasive surgical equipment. The smoke evacuation and filtration solutions produced by Buffalo Filter were important additions to the ConMed family of companies.

Today, ConMed employs more than 3,500 people around the world. As a publicly traded company, ConMed has a proven reputation for quality and reliability that has made it a trusted resource for medical facilities worldwide. CIA Medical offers ConMed products that are designed specifically for hospitals, private medical practices, public clinics and all the healthcare facilities in between. We work with you to find the perfect supply solutions for your needs and your budget.

ConMed Medical Products from CIA Medical

CIA Medical carries a large selection of ConMed surgical instruments and supplies designed for the medical environment. ConMed medical instruments and the associated ConMed supplies are used in ambulatory surgery centers, gastroenterology departments and diagnostic processes to promote the best patient care possible. At CIA Medical, we carry ConMed Yankauer suction tubing and devices, ConMed electrodes, ConMed surgical instruments and ConMed endoscopy solutions to help your facility deliver the best treatment for the patients in your care.

  • ConMed electrodes: ConMed electrodes are one of the premier ConMed products and are in demand throughout the medical industry. The National Cancer Institute states that medical electrodes can be used as diagnostic tools or to provide treatments for patients. CIA Medical offers ConMed electrodes that can be used in a wide range of applications. ConMed electrodes are generally considered the state of the art in these devices and can promote the best outcomes for your patients.
  • ConMed Yankauer suction tips and suction tubing: SurgicalUnits.com defines a Yankauer suction tip as an oral suctioning instrument that is designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissues. ConMed Yankauer suction devices from CIA Medical can remove fluids without causing injury to patients in your facility. These ConMed Yankauer suction solutions are used in operating rooms and to clear airways for patients who have obstructions caused by mucus or other substances. The ConMed Yankauer suction tip and tubing are frequently used in the dental industry to remove fluid buildup during longer procedures.
  • ConMed staplers: Like other surgical staplers, ConMed staplers are designed to close incisions and to assist in wound closure and repair. Your surgical staff can use ConMed staplers in conjunction with ConMed endoscopic surgical instruments and ConMed suction devices to manage minor and major operations with greater ease.
  • ConMed blades: ConMed blades and other ConMed surgical instruments are designed to be easy to use and to produce the most predictable results. These handheld ConMed blades are an excellent choice for your surgical theater or for outpatient surgical procedures performed in your clinical setting. By opting for ConMed blades, you can ensure that your staff members have the ConMed surgical instruments necessary to provide the right care for your patients.
  • ConMed hand controls: Designed for use with other ConMed medical instruments, ConMed hand controls offer easier control and precision when cutting, cauterizing or using high-volume ConMed suction devices. ConMed hand controls are designed to work with most other ConMed suction tips, staplers, blades and instruments. This interoperability makes ConMed hand controls a solid investment for your medical facility.
  • ConMed gators: ConMed gators are innovative arthroscopic shaver blades that shave away tissue and, in some cases, bone. CIA Medical carries ConMed gators in 3.5mm and 4.2mm sizes to ensure that your staff members have the ConMed gators in the right sizes to serve your patients effectively.
  • ConMed electrosurgical pencils: Also known as cauterization pencils, ConMed medical electrosurgical pencils are advanced surgical tools that can dissect tissue using radio frequency alternating current or RFAC electricity. These ConMed surgical instruments can be used in conjunction with ConMed staplers and ConMed suction devices to remove tissue safely and with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue structures.
  • ConMed snares: Designed to remove growths from the surfaces of tissues, ConMed snares are used to remove tumors, growths on the tonsils and polyps. ConMed snares can speed the treatment process for these issues and can ensure complete and safe removal of growths. CIA Medical carries ConMed snares in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of your hospital or private practice.
  • ConMed forceps: ConMed forceps can be used to perform biopsies, grasp and hold tissue or to pack sponges in the surgical setting. One of the most popular ConMed medical instruments, ConMed forceps offer secure attachments and reliable performance for a variety of procedures and activities in the medical setting.
  • ConMed Hyfrecator systems: The ConMed Hyfrecator is an advanced electrosurgical generator that features multi-function capability, monopolar and bipolar functions and the ability to recall previously saved settings. These ConMed Hyfrecator generators offer superior flexibility in the surgical arena. Dual microprocessors and self-diagnostics make the ConMed Hyfrecator an outstanding choice for your hospital's electrosurgical generator needs.
  • ConMed endoscopic instruments: CIA Medical carries an extensive lineup of ConMed endoscopic solutions designed to provide added help with these procedures. ConMed endoscopy instruments include ligators, dissectors, clip appliers and cleaning systems that work with all other ConMed endoscopy products. This can promote the best outcomes and prognoses for your patients in the clinical setting.
  • ConMed 5000 electrosurgery system: The ConMed 5000 is an innovative electrosurgery system that features nine programmable memory settings. The ConMed 5000 system can be operated in specialty modes that include laparoscopic, fluids and general settings. These ConMed surgical instruments are an outstanding addition to your lineup of tools and can help your surgical team perform more effectively on behalf of your patients. CIA Carries the ConMed 5000 and other electrosurgery systems from this top manufacturer.
  • ConMed Linvatec product lines: The ConMed Linvatec lineup includes advanced endoscopy cameras and other ConMed medical instruments. The merger of ConMed Linvatec has expanded the product lines available from this major manufacturer to a considerable degree.
  • ConMed accessories: ConMed offers a wide range of accessories for its product lines, including tip cleaners, foot cover switches, IV dressings, bite blocks and GI probes. These ConMed products are designed to work seamlessly with other ConMed systems, which makes them a practical choice for your facility.
  • The ConMed AirSeal System: ConMed AirSeal trocar and insufflation systems are designed to balance the pressure changes inside the abdomen during surgical procedures, which can assist with bleeding and air leaks that could otherwise have a significant impact on the success of these surgeries. Because this system is valve free, the AirSeal Intelligent Flow System delivers superior performance even in challenging surgical situations.

CIA Medical offers a full line of products that include ConMed endoscopy solutions, ConMed forceps and other ConMed supplies to help your hospital, clinic or healthcare facility to manage your in-house inventory. We work with our customers to provide the ConMed medical products necessary to serve your patients in the most effective and affordable way.

ConMed Product Lines and Specialties

The ConMed medical products available from CIA Medical are designed to provide added support for your healthcare workers in managing patient care considerations. ConMed surgical instruments and the entire lineup of ConMed medical instruments can provide added help for your staff members in managing patient care considerations more effectively. CIA Medical makes it easy to get the ConMed products you need for your facility and your ongoing operations. Our team of customer service representatives will work with you and your facility to deliver the right solutions for you.

ConMed Videos

The ConMed Linvatec YouTube channel features ConMed videos that offer assistance and information for healthcare professionals. Some of the most popular of these videos are listed below:

These and the other ConMed videos available on the company's YouTube channel can provide added help for your medical staff in understanding the products available from ConMed and the proper way to use these ConMed supplies and instruments. To learn more, you can also contact ConMed directly about its products, services and the systems it manufactures.

Contact ConMed

ConMed maintains corporate headquarters at 11311 Concept Boulevard in Largo, Florida. The company can be reached at 727-392-6464 or toll-free at 1-866-4-CONMED. You can also reach the company by filling out a simple form on the ConMed website. ConMed offers occasional webinars and presentations that can prove helpful to medical professionals at your facility.

ConMed maintains an active presence on many social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. These venues may offer an additional way to reach out to the company and to discuss ConMed products in an informal online environment.

Purchase ConMed Products from CIA Medical

At CIA Medical, we carry more than 50,000 products from 5,000 of the top manufacturers in the medical field. Our team is committed to the highest standards of excellence in serving our customers. We offer white-glove service, free quotes and special-order services for items we do not have in stock. If you are looking for the best medical supplies at affordable prices, give our team a call today at 312-275-5850. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. You can also reach us online through our website. We look forward to the chance to serve you and your medical facility.

  • ConMed orthopedics: ConMed orthopedic solutions include products used to treat injuries and strains of the shoulder, knee, hip, elbow and other areas of the body. ConMed medical instruments can facilitate total joint replacement as well as providing improved imaging and visualization of injuries and tissue damage for patients in your orthopedics department. As a leader in orthopedic technologies, ConMed offers a number of innovative and unique products that are designed to enhance the patient experience and to promote the fastest and most accurate treatment options in your facility.
  • Laparoscopic and robotic surgeries: ConMed medical instruments for laparoscopic surgeries include devices that provide access, energy, smoke evacuation and instruments used in a wide range of surgical environments. These ConMed medical products are necessary for many outpatient and minimally invasive procedures in the clinic or hospital environment.
  • Gastroenterology and pulmonology products: The gastroenterology and pulmonology product lines from ConMed include biliary stone management solutions to treat gallstones more effectively, biopsy needles and brushes, endoscopic ultrasound needles and hemostasis clips. These ConMed products offer superior support for your medical staff in treating patients suffering from conditions of the gastrointestinal tract or with pulmonary issues.
  • Smoke management solutions: When ConMed acquired Buffalo Filter, it also acquired the smoke management solutions offered by the company. These ConMed medical products are designed to evacuate smoke from operating rooms or to filter out smoke to produce a safer and more wholesome environment for patients and staff members. Smoke pencils, evacuators, filters, tubing and other ConMed products are among the most commonly requested Buffalo Filter smoke management solutions for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.
  • Imaging and visualization: The imaging and visualization solutions from ConMed encompass a wide range of camera systems, lighting sources, scopes, monitors and digital documentation systems. Printers and accessories are also included in the lineup of ConMed medical products designed to assist with visualization and imaging processes in your medical facility. At CIA Medical, we offer a number of imaging and visualization products from ConMed that can help you manage these tasks more effectively.
  • Ambulatory surgical centers: ConMed offers a total solution for ambulatory surgical centers that integrates orthopedics, joint replacement and repair, laparoscopic and open surgery solutions, gastroenterology and pulmonology products and smoke filtration to create the perfect array of products and systems for your ambulatory surgical center. These ConMed products are designed to work together seamlessly to create the best possible patient experience for the individuals and families you serve.
  • MTF allografts and biologics: The lineup of allografts and biologics made available by ConMed partner MTF offers real help and hope for sports medicine patients. These exclusive tissue lines are an excellent treatment option for patients who need orthopedic solutions for their injuries or strains.
  • Patient care: Patient care is at the heart of the business model for all ConMed products. Segments of this division include products designed for respiratory therapies, suction instruments, office-based electrosurgery services, IV therapies, neurology and cardiology. By integrating all of these segments of the medical field and working to provide better patient care, ConMed continues to deliver outstanding products and supplies for the modern medical community.
    • This video on Using ConMed Biliary Devices features Dr. Kalpesh Patel. A real biliary procedure is visualized to help medical personnel to understand the correct way to use ConMed medical instruments for these procedures.
    • Low Impact Sleeve Gastrectomy Using AirSeal is an overview of sleeve gastrectomy procedures. The AirSeal system is one of the most versatile ConMed surgical instruments and is completely valve free.
    • ConMed's 50-Year Anniversary Video, as its name suggests, is a retrospective of the company's history and its growth. The products manufactured by the company are also showcased in this enlightening video presentation.