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Berman Catheters

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What Is a Berman Catheter?

Berman catheters are a specific variety of catheters designed and named after Michael A. Berman. These catheters are flexible tubes of varying lengths with an inflatable section, otherwise known as a balloon, which can be inflated or deflated to aid with entry or to open a space during a medical procedure. 

A Berman catheter, which may also be known as a Berman angiographic catheter, is one that is used in angiography procedures in order to check and monitor the health of blood vessels and the heart. 

Each Berman catheter has two channels, known as lumens. One of the channels has the distal balloon, along with a series of side holes that allow dye to be easily delivered into the surrounding area. The dye is a necessary component of angiography, helping blood vessels show more clearly on X-ray images.

Thanks to the safe and clever design of Berman catheters, the risk of injury or error during angiography procedures is minimized and the chances of a successful, problem-free procedure are higher than when using older styles of catheter.

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How Does a Berman Catheter Work?

Berman angiographic catheters work in a similar fashion to many other kinds of catheters. They feature a dual-lumen design, with one of the lumens having an inflatable balloon. The catheter is inserted into the patient to deliver a high flow of dye injection via side holes. The balloon can also be inflated and deflated as needed to make entry easier.

Berman Catheter Sizes 

Berman catheters are available in a range of sizes. Like other catheters, they are measured using the French scale or French gauge system, which involves a series of Fr ratings which represent the various diameters of each catheter. The typical range of Fr sizes for Berman catheters is between 4 Fr and 7 Fr. In terms of length, these catheters can range from 500mm to 1,100mm, on average, although other sizes may be available.

Berman Catheter Types

There are two main types of Berman catheter. The most common variety is the standard Berman catheter. This is used for procedures like pulmonary angiography and Balloon Occlusion Femoral Angiography or BOFA. There is also the reverse Berman catheter, which has a slightly different design and is used for Balloon Occlusion Pulmonary Angiography procedures (BOPA).

Berman Catheter Uses

The primary use for Berman catheters is during angiography procedures. An angiography is an X-ray that is used to check blood vessels. It involves the injection of a special dye into the blood to highlight the vessels more clearly on the X-ray images. The Berman catheter is what is used to deliver this dye into the vessels with minimal risk of injury or complication. These catheters can also be used in other procedures, like right heart pressure measurements, BOPA, and BOFA operations.

Berman Catheter Suppliers

Teleflex is the main supplier of official Berman catheters.

Why Choose CIA Medical?

CIA Medical is the company to choose for wholesale Berman catheters. We can deliver high quality Berman catheters in an array of different sizes, all made to the finest standards and priced fairly and competitively. CIA Medical has been providing Berman catheters and other medical essentials to customers worldwide for years, and we always aim to please our customers with smart pricing and super service.

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Founded in 1943, Teleflex is an American manufacturer headquartered in Pennsylvania & specialized in a range of medical devices such as critical care and surgery. Our company seeks client satisfaction offering Berman Catheters in every length and French size needed for your procedure.

If you need help sourcing Berman Catheters, please do not hesitate to contact sales@ciamedical.com or (312) 275-5850 and our sales and customer service team will promptly help you find it at the lowest price.