7 Ways Employers Encourage Workplace Wellness

A great workplace goes above and beyond in caring for its employees, and nowhere is that more evident than with companies who encourage wellness. However, encouraging a healthy lifestyle is about more than just caring and kind words. Companies who truly want to see a difference in the health of their employees offer tools that truly encourage workplace wellness.


1. Make Exercise Easy

One of the most common reasons today’s employees give for not regularly exercising is because they simply don’t have the time for it. In order to eliminate that obstacle, many of today’s best places to work offer options that make it easy to choose physical activity. Lunchtime walking clubs and subsidized gym memberships are common. Some employers set up a gym and showering facilities to encourage physical activity. Even a challenge for employees to choose the stairs instead of the elevator can make a difference.


2. Sane Snacking Selections

Employers who focus on healthy living are increasingly offering healthy snacks to employees to help promote better choices and to help curb cravings that come about when individuals get too hungry. Purging snack areas of sodas, sweets and chips and replacing them with healthy beverages, water, nuts, and fruit is another strategy to put in place to make healthy living a reality.


3. Promote Prevention

Many companies offer on-site flu vaccinations, even covering the cost completely in many cases, to encourage employees to get their annual flu shot. An employee who comes down with the flu can easily miss multiple days of work and even weeks in some cases. Annual flu shots keep employees healthier earlier, so they don’t have to drown in pills later.


4. Health Professionals On Site

Increasing numbers of companies have hired a nurse or doctor to provide onsite professional healthcare for their staff. Having such care on site makes it more likely for employees to seek care early and regularly. It also means less time away from work, because they don’t need to travel to a medical clinic and wait. The addition of professional healthcare onsite helps to make a company more attractive as an employer.


5. Invest in Education

Bringing in presenters who teach employees about healthy habits is a great way to promote wellness. Education that is varied and includes topics like cooking, stress management, and adapting exercise are more likely to keep attendees engaged. A variety of exercise classes at lunchtime or during breaks tend to attract and keep the interest of employees.


6. Incentivize Health

While it may not work for everyone, for many employees, an incentive will help get things started. Some workplaces are offering to pay an increased percentage of health insurance premiums for those who meet health standards like normal blood sugar and blood pressure readings, and a healthy body mass index. Some companies also offer incentives to employees who participate in health related programs offered by their company. This approach is a win for everyone involved.


7. Look Beyond the Physical

An employee’s health goes beyond the physical. Employee assistance programs are a solid solution for all types of issues including mental health, financial problems, and stress management. The availability of a health coach can also be a huge help for those trying to make behavioral changes in order to improve their health. Such coaches can help with weight loss, efforts to stop smoking and more, via phone, online or in person.

If you are looking to increase how attractive your company is to applicants, increase productivity, reduce downtime, or generally increase employee satisfaction, promoting healthy living is an excellent way to do so. Workplace wellness is more than a trend. It is fast becoming a priority for businesses who want to succeed and offer the very best workplace environment for their employees.

About the Author: Kerri Gois

Kerri Gois is a freelance writer and marketing coordinator for BroadbandSearch.net. An avid reader and social media addict who also enjoys learning how to code, but is a novice at best. She's extremely passionate about the Internet and Technology and lives in sunny San Diego with her puggle, Bernard. Follow her on Twitter @kerrigois.