CIA Medical Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 CIA Medical Scholarship!

We are pleased to announce the seven recipients of the 2017 CIA Medical Scholarship! These change-maker students received financial awards toward their post-secondary education based on essays they submitted recognizing a healthcare worker who made an impact in their or a loved one’s life.

Each shared a touching account of how an individual in the healthcare industry made a meaningful and lasting difference in his or her life. The students are passionate about inspiring positive change in their community and demonstrate incredible poise and determination in achieving their goals.

We are honored to support the award winners and wish them continued success in their educational and professional pursuits.

CIA Medical Scholarship 2017 Top Award Winner


Naomi Ecanow

Naomi Ecanow

University of Illinois At Chicago | Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine

“Since my freshman year of high school, my educational goals have been to attend a four-year university followed by medical school, with a future career goal as a physician. I chose to pursue my undergraduate studies and medical school at my state university in the heart of Chicago so that I could give back to my community through research and ultimately practicing pediatric medicine here. It is an urban, ethnically diverse, and vibrant community.

“Growing up I thought every doctor greeted patients by asking, ‘How’s my angel today?’ This is how my pediatrician, Dr. Susan Weisberg, or ‘Dr. Sue’ as her patients knew her, greeted me for as long as I could remember. I knew her first by her kind voice and caring demeanor; her brilliance as a clinician became apparent to me as my awareness evolved with age.

“Dr. Sue spent her professional life treating children and comforting their parents, through both mundane illnesses and life-threatening ones. Dr. Sue’s dedication to medicine and the treatment of the individual in the context of a family unit are the reasons I am pursing a medical career. I want to emulate the way she provided health care by intimately knowing my patients’ medical and personal histories, providing comfort to my patients’ families, becoming an expert in my field, understanding the economics of healthcare delivery, and knowing when to refer patients for more specialized care. I will make personal connections a priority. I plan to honor her memory by carrying on her method of practicing healthcare with passion and heart. Given the impression Dr. Sue made on me and my career choice, I have no doubt there is a cohort of her pediatric patients who are also pursuing a profession in healthcare. I hope to someday meet them and share our stories!”

Read her award-winning essay here.

CIA Medical Scholarship 2017 Award Recipients

In alphabetical order.


Avery Bray

Avery Bray

The Culinary Institute of America

“I was greatly impacted by a caretaker many years ago. Currently my educational careers are to get a Bachelors of Science in Culinary Science and get a career in research and development of food and recipies.”

On a family member’s caretaker, Avery says, “He helped to inspire me in high school and in getting Eagle Scout. He engraved precious memories when he would take us on adventures away from home, join us for meals, and bring a smile to our hearts and faces.”


Brittany Butterworth

Michigan State University

“With my college degree, I hope to find myself an entry-level job in the Genetics field. My hope is to work in the field surrounding organ growing, since organ donation is something always lacking in our world. I want to help those who believe they are without hope. I want to give them that hope.

“For the next decades to come, I am confident in the knowledge that Dr. Pomeroy will be walking beside me, ensuring that my journey is as easy and painless as can be, and that I am receiving all the support available to me.”


Gavin Miranda and Max, his service dog

Gavin Miranda

University of Florida | Construction Management

“Compassion is what drives me the most, The more you put yourself out there, the more you realize people give what they have and even what they don’t have for the betterment of their friends in need. These acts of kindness are what motivate me to get my degree; not for the money, but to give back the opportunities that were given to me and even more. I believe the most rewarding aspect of life by far is generosity.

“People from all walks of life have been compassionate toward my service dog, Max and myself. It is this very energy that keeps me doing the same and giving back. My dog and I are Hospice volunteers. As an Eagle Scout, it’s my obligation to help others at all times. When I am not involved in my studies, I enjoy visiting those who have also been abandoned by their families; I get to be their grandson for a short period.”


Scott Salling

Scott Salling

Goldenwest College | Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

“What I loved most about my job in the military is I felt I was truly able to make a difference. Although I only got to serve 10 years, when I had planned to serve much longer, I am hoping to take my degree and use that to help others, especially disabled veterans.”

Regarding the nurse who has made an impact on his life, Scott says, “I suddenly realized how much one person can make a difference. She truly cares about her patients, their well being and their outcome.”



Vanessa Sanchez

Vanessa Sanchez

University of Arkansas | Psychology with a minor in Human Development

“After I graduate I plan on attending either law school or graduate school to later be a clinical psychologist. Ideally I’d also love to work with kids to better help those who come from abused homes.”

Sharing about a doctor who made a positive impact, Vanessa says, “The staff continuously raved about his skills and he was the best one for the job. God works wonders and he most definitely outdid himself on this job. He allowed me to meet outstanding people.”



Jacquelyn Smith

Jacquelyn Smith

Northwest Florida State College

“I graduated from Parkway North High School in 2015 with certificates from my vocational part-time high school in Emergency Medicine I and II, Fire Protection I and II, and Disaster Response I, II, and III in accordance with FEMA.

“My experience with Behavioral Therapy changed my life for the positive and inspired me to pursue an eventual Master’s in psychology so that I may one day help others. I don’t believe my journey could have been completed without my doctor, and someday, I hope to have the same effect on a patient of my own.”


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