CIA Medical 2019 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 CIA Medical Scholarship!

We’re thrilled to announce the ten recipients of the 2019 CIA Medical Scholarship! These deserving students received financial awards toward their post-secondary education based on essays they wrote about a “healthcare hero” in their lives who made a lasting impact.

We are honored to support the scholarship award winners and wish them continued success in their educational and professional pursuits.

CIA Medical Scholarship 2019 Top Award Winners

In alphabetical order.

CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Sami Al-Jailani

Sami Al-Jailani

Sami Al-Jailani

Kent State University | Engineering

“I want to study engineering so that I will be able to create products and systems that bring the world’s people closer together, make their lives better, and offer opportunities to those struggling in poverty.”

On Dr. Belquis, who practices in Yemen, Sami writes, “Most people in Yemen struggle with extreme poverty, so they cannot get medical care even from the few providers who have remained throughout the rampant fighting and daily bombings. Even though Belquis trained in gynecology, neighbors and strangers come from far and wide for assistance for all kinds of medical problems – and she helps every one, never turning anyone away.”

Read Sami’s essay here.


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Sam Frank

Sam Frank

Sam Frank

Towson University | Family and Human Services concentration in Child Life

“I hope to become a child life specialist, inspired by my own child life specialist. I will need to complete at least a bachelors degree, but I aspire to get a masters in Child Life.”

On Meghan, the child life specialist who helped her during her childhood cancer treatments, Sam writes, “All of Meghan’s support, care, and dedication has inspired me, even now, twelve years later, and I want to do the same for other children. I want to inspire others as she inspired me. She helped make my hospital stay enjoyable and bearable. Meghan made me feel like I had a true friend who
was always looking out for me.”

Read Sam’s essay here.


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Shana Stuart

Shana Stuart

Shana Stuart

Western Governors University | Business Marketing Management

“Almost dying makes you very aware. A sixth sense is inherited in a way, that puts you into survival mode. Your mind opens and parts of the brain you hardly ever utilize are awakened. My goal is to work for a company that is sustainable and environmentally conscientious.”

On Moana, the nurse who cared for her during cancer treatments, Shana writes, “Moana was an angel because I have not seen her since my recovery, and no one seems to know her. She would be the first of many angelic visitors, but she was the one who would prepare me for this difficult journey.”

Read Shana’s essay here.


CIA Medical Scholarship 2019 Award Recipients

In alphabetical order.

CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Gina Abraczinskas

Gina Abraczinskas

Gina Abraczinskas

University of Miami | Music Business and Entertainment

“I’m studying Music Business and Entertainment, with the hope of securing a job with a record company in their artistry and development department. Music has always been a huge part of my life. It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m studying music in college.”

On Genesis, her psychologist/therapist, Gina writes, “Genesis is wonderful in her innate ability to get me to look inside myself. Growing up I was the student who was always prepared, the one that other kids asked for help. As my mental health deteriorated my confidence plummeted. Genesis forced my inner warrior to wake up from hibernation.”


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Jeremiah Bowman

Jeremiah Bowman

Jeremiah Bowman

Lenoir Rhyne University | Music

“My goal is to get a degree in music. I LOVE to sing. My goal is to help others through voice. I want to be the difference in someone’s day, week, and/or life. I don’t sing for show, I sing from the heart. It is my goal to be a blessing to other people through my voice.”

On Emily, the nurse who cared for his father after surgery, Jeremiah writes, “She may never know the impact that she had on our family, but she will forever be remembered in my heart. I am so thankful that she was my dad’s angel when he needed one and my angel when I didn’t know I needed one.”


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Adam Denton

Adam Denton

Adam Denton

Wichita State University | Medical Laboratory Sciences

“I am a Medical Laboratory Sciences major at Wichita State University and phlebotomist at Wesley Medical Center. I will graduate with honors next year and work in the clinical laboratory setting while pursuing my own research goals in microbiology at graduate school. I am active as a healthcare worker, musician, and a mentor for Youth Horizons.”

On Eddie, the phlebotomist who Jeremiah shadowed, he writes, “Eddie doesn’t show up in big dramatic ways at work, at least not in the way that translates into a riveting fireside tale. Eddie’s presence doesn’t sensationalize, it does quite the opposite. He asks for no praise, takes no prize and silently continues to be excellent in all that he does.”


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Alissa Hafezi

Alissa Hafezi

Alissa Hafezi

University of Arizona | Physiology major with a minor in Spanish

“I am a part of the Honors college and a member of a pre-health honors society known as Alpha Epsilon Delta. My goal is to finish my studies as a Physiology major with a minor in Spanish at the U of A and then go on to medical school.”

On Greg, the nurse who treated her broken arm as a child, Alissa writes, “Greg’s tenderness and care towards me is something that I kept in mind when I wanted to volunteer at my local children’s hospital the summer before I started my freshman year of college. His actions were the first example for me that taking note of a patient’s emotional state and well-being is just as important as addressing their physical ailments.”


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner LaGayle Heflin

LaGayle Heflin

LaGayle Heflin

Western Governors University | Masters in Nursing Leadership

“I am currently working as a Director of Nursing for a teaching hospital and plan to enter a CNO development program upon obtaining my Masters in Nursing Leadership. I would like to open doors for the underserved population and provide nursing support in the urban facility I work in.”

On Jackie Desouza Van-Blarincum, the previous CEO of the hospital she works in, LaGayle writes, “She loved the patients we served, the staff who helped serve them and taught us to have that same love ourselves. She turned us from the underdog to heroes and our patients have greatly benefited from this change. People with her skill set are meant to change the world and there was a facility in our corporation that needed her leadership style more than we did.”


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Kyle McClain

Kyle McClain

Kyle McClain

Murray State University | Exercise Science

“I am attending Murray State University to major in Exercise Science. After graduating from Murray State I will hopefully attend Physical Therapy School at the University of Kentucky. I am wanting to become a physical therapist is an outpatient setting.”

On Dr. George McDaniel, his pediatric cardiologist, Kyle writes, “Doctors like Dr. McDaniel and others are the reason that I want to become a physical therapist. I want to make a difference to someone’s life as Dr. McDaniel did to me. I hope I can use Dr. McDaniel as my example on how to put my patients at ease and have an outstanding bedside manner. My goal will be to treat all my patients with respect just like he did with me and my family.”


CIA Medical Scholarship Winner Caitlin Pittman

Caitlin Pittman

Caitlin Pittman

University of Nebraska Medical Center | Nursing

“When I am done with the nursing program I plan to work in emergency medicine as this is my passion. I also would like to do a program and bridge from RN over to paramedic to be able to better help my community.”

On the doctor from the MINCEP Epilepsy Center in Minneapolis who treated her, Caitlin writes, “This doctor changed my life forever, she gave me hope that things could get better. She gave me strength to face something that impacted my life in a negative way and to be able to use it to help others. Now as I work in our local emergency room as a CAN I often think about this doctor and what she did for me. I think about what if I could be that one person to listen to someone, to make them feel like a person, to help them fight with they are struggling with.”


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