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Hello there, and welcome to the blog of CIA Medical, a one-stop guide to medical and healthcare products, tools, well-being and more. This blog will highlight the best available products on the medical market and inform readers on their various uses and benefits. Learn about the tools needed for operations, understand the proper functions of the body and know what to do when malfunction occurs.

Equipped with 270 bones at birth, around 640 skeletal muscles and 12 organ systems, the human body is a shell of miraculous interconnecting systems and functions that work day and night to stay proactive. The human figure, after all, is a masterpiece that allows for great achievements. Planes, trains, automobiles, houses, skyscrapers, computers and medicine– none of these modern miracles would be possible without the strength of the human body and mind. Unfortunately, the human body often needs outside assistance and care in working properly. When a bone breaks or an operation is called upon, learn which tools are crucial in fixing and preventing further disruption. By taking a closer look at health concerns, remedies, procedures and tools available, CIA Medical will lead you down the path of resilience, knowledge and success.  

This blog will bring the wonders of the medical world to your screen, encompassing the variety of gizmos, gadgets, and apparatuses used by healthcare providers. Descriptions, pictures and videos will accompany the information; it is all right here. Read up on modern day functions of medical instruments as well as their origin and development. Return here to learn how to prepare for operations, what to expect, what to look out for and what to do post-procedures. Interviews with doctors and nurses will bring first hand professional medical opinions, experiences and information to readers like you. Medicinal tools, procedures and medical culture often leave those involved with loads of questions and curiosity. CIA Medical will leave you with the answers. Be on the lookout for new posts coming your way.

About the Author: Sarah Lisovich

Sarah Lisovich is a Chicago based writer, editor, and content strategist at CIA Medical. The young author has published writing on multiple print and online publications and has received the Marion and David Stocking Prize for nonfiction writing. With creative writing, communications and marketing, and public relations experience, the up and coming creative thrives in multimedia publications and looks forward to applying her skills to learn, explore, and write about the wonderful world of medicine.